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  1. Oldfishlady
    10-16-2010 06:30 PM - permalink
    Green water is what they eat and live in-I have never really cultured them in the house only outside in buckets
  2. karlhague
    10-16-2010 06:23 PM - permalink
    I wanted to ask that, its quite cold here now..

    How would i go about if i bought live daphnia how would i keep them alive?
  3. Oldfishlady
    10-16-2010 06:13 PM - permalink
    Or outside will work too, add a cup of pond water and you can also get a culture of daphnia going along with it and if you have mosquito....the mosquito larva are great to condition the breeders with-you can get them ready in about 3 days with live foods and you also get tiny larva that the fry will eat once they are about 1 or 2 old and big enough
  4. karlhague
    10-16-2010 06:02 PM - permalink
    So a bucket on the window with ramshorn snails and basically dump green stuffs in it?

    I have plenty of hay due to having horses lol
  5. Oldfishlady
    10-16-2010 05:56 PM - permalink
    Yes, make green water....lot of sun, something green and some snails
    I keep 1g bowl in an east window full of plants and common pond and ramshorn snail you can use lettuce, hay, green grass clipping too
    I siphon or dip the green water and add to my tanks
    I also do this in the spawning tank too-but different-mature tank, live plants and snails natural microorganism for free range feeding
    Watch the fry stomach-it should look round with black dots and orange/pink with BBS feedings
  6. karlhague
    10-16-2010 05:46 PM - permalink
    Ah excellent.. i will do the 24 hours mark, Trying to get as much infusoria ready as possible, are their anyways to culture it?
  7. Oldfishlady
    10-16-2010 05:40 PM - permalink
    Leaving the male with the fry vary from male-to-male, with some of mine I remove the male once the spawning act is over and others are still with their fry today after 3 months-the longer he can stay with the fry the better, but if he is eating them, well-you don't want, often the first spawn from the female you can get old eggs and the male eats them and it take a second spawn from her to get fresh eggs...I usually wait at least 3 days between spawns on females if well conditioned to start.
    I feed fry-infusoria and newly hatched BBS-once the BBS absorb their yolk sac they have little nutrition and you can see sudden death problems
    I would set the BBS hatchery up 24 hours apart and hatch small amounts at a time feed within 24-36h of hatching them-I usually start hatching BBS when the fry are about 4-5 days old-but I also have mature tanks full of micro organism for the fry to eat once the fry absorb their yolk sac at 72-80 hour mark
  8. karlhague
    10-16-2010 05:23 PM - permalink
    I was Going to Get 2 Brine Shrimp Hatcheries up and running set up a week apart..

    and was seriously considering The Walter Worms aswell as live daphnia.

    The containers attributes are:

    How Long Is too long when leaving a male in with the fry?

    I wanted to try leave them as long as possible unless i saw him eating them all
    I have snails plenty of those
  9. Oldfishlady
    10-16-2010 05:20 PM - permalink
    To convert 81 liters is 21gal...right.....that should be fine-how tall or deep is it? I spawn in 10-12 inches and use lots and lots of live plants as a natural divider for the female to prevent premature egg drop. I also use lot of common snails as part of the clean up crew and for infusoria development a great first food for the fry ( you know the fry are eating infusoria from the black dots in their stomach) what fry food do you plan
    Getting the female conditioned is really important to get quality eggs (I am sure you know this already)
  10. karlhague
    10-16-2010 05:10 PM - permalink
    Do you think that *points at pm* will do as a breeding tank? (their out of 81 liter ones)

    Wont let me post link here

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