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  1. KayDowson
    04-18-2011 08:27 AM - permalink
    its only in the sorority an its a 10gal with a sponge filter, its got a heater... it was stayin at about 78 F but somebody on here told me to lower it to about 74-76 so thats where its at now (after the ich) a few live plants not many... was waiting till i can setup my npts for that... I usually jus use the aqua safe plus conditioner with my water changes that i do 25% twice a week and 75-80% once a month... (was actually cleaning all my tanks now when i noticed this so thinkin of doin 100% on them) I did add some AQ salt in there today 1tsp/gal read somewhere on here that epsom salt was actually better for ich than AQ salt, but i really don't know... have never really had to treat any of my fish before
  2. Oldfishlady
    04-18-2011 08:21 AM - permalink
    Pic would really help....I would get the crabs out and into their own habitat or take them back to the store.....
    do some research on them....they need land to get out of the water to breath/rest/feed and salt water

    With shrimp and crabs due to their exoskeleton the usually do not carry may be stress related for the Bettas...a lot of times we have ich in the tank and once the fish immune response is lowered then they get infested.....

    How many have the spots, how big is the tank, filter, live plants, additives used, water temp....
  3. KayDowson
    04-18-2011 08:13 AM - permalink
    fiddler crabs i think... they're pretty ugly but the guy at the fish store said they jus hang out at the bottom nd eat the nasty stuff outta the tank... How would u recommend that i treat them... wish i had my cam so i could post pix for u
  4. Oldfishlady
    04-18-2011 08:11 AM - permalink
    Sudden little white spot all over their body could be ich especially after adding new livestock without proper QT time.....sometimes all you have to do is make some water changes and other times depending on how bad it is you have to treat....I use natural methods.....but there are many products on the market, however, I would remove the shrimp if you treat the tank...what kind of crabs did you get that can live in freshwater.....
  5. KayDowson
    04-18-2011 07:51 AM - permalink
    OFL, got a quick question for you... Got some new shrimp and crabs the other day so they were in qt for a couple days (3) finally added them to my tank around 6 last night before work and I come home and 2 of my girls in my soroity tank now have little white spots on them... Is this Ich? I added 1tsp/gal of AQ salt, but I'm honestly not 100% sure what it is on them or how to treat it... If you have any helpful advice that would be great! Thanks
  6. Oldfishlady
    04-15-2011 09:04 AM - permalink
    Remember stripes don't always mean stress.....if she is otherwise doing okay......its may just be cammo related......
  7. Arashi Takamine
    04-14-2011 11:04 PM - permalink
    Arashi Takamine
    Hey OFL can I ask you a question? My betta girl has been brought home today but I'm wondering how long it will take for her stress stripes to go away...I'm really worried about her as she has been going nuts exploring but she mainly grazes the tank floor like a cory cat...
  8. Oldfishlady
    04-12-2011 04:17 PM - permalink
    We have two or three now that they split up......I was a member- but since the split...I didn't pay my dues.....not sure which one I wanted to
  9. Landon21
    04-12-2011 04:05 PM - permalink
    no im not, didnt know there was one...?
  10. Oldfishlady
    04-08-2011 03:16 PM - permalink
    Dropsy is a symptom not a disease in of itself....usually related to bacterial infection, kidney failure, fatty liver to name a few...but generally nearly always related to poor water quality as the root cause that compromises the immune response and in turn shut the system down and the fish swells up and death soon follows......

    If caught and treated early and depending on the root cause...sometimes the fish can recover...but its rare.....once they stage out the system is compromised.....

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