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  1. Jimmysdad
    04-26-2011 04:12 PM - permalink
    I'll try to post a picture,
  2. Oldfishlady
    04-26-2011 07:54 AM - permalink
    Hey Jimmysdad, good to hear you still have him.....can you make a thread on the main board and post a pic...if you haven't already....

    Arashi-what other symptom along with fin rot...usually QT with 100% daily water changes with aquarium salt 1tsp/gal, tannin fussed treatment water is pretty effective for me...
  3. Arashi Takamine
    04-26-2011 05:48 AM - permalink
    Arashi Takamine
    OFL I need some advice. My betta Akira has fin rot. His beard has black on it and his rays look as if they've been filed. He's lost some of his coloring. I asked around and am getting IAL and AQ salt to treat him with...How many waterchanges should I do however with the treatment? I'm still shaking even though it's been hours since I discovered it.
  4. Jimmysdad
    04-25-2011 05:54 PM - permalink
    Hey OFL,
    Hope everything is going okay. It's been a while since we last chatted, and you were very helpful with Fishy. He is still living somehow, he made a full recovery and about a week ago started getting big on both sides. He still has his color, but he sits on the bottom of the tank now. I am trying salt-water and myacin2, but he is vertical. He is pointing straight up, I don't know how he is doing this... it looks like magic. Ever hear of this before?
  5. Oldfishlady
    04-25-2011 09:49 AM - permalink
  6. FireKidomaru
    04-24-2011 04:30 PM - permalink
    wow your tanks kick butt! They look wonderful and very professional looking...nice job!
  7. Oldfishlady
    04-21-2011 11:53 AM - permalink
    If you keep your home spawned Bettas all together all the time moving them to bigger tanks as they could most likely get some of them to live happy together in the 100g...I would not recommend adding unrelated adult males together...that most likely would not took a couple of generations to get them to this stage too and I only spawned the calmer males and even your first spawn may not work 100% but their offspring may.....hard to say...and with the added guppies....this is good...lots of guppy fry for them to feed on and movement in the tank I think help distract them some too....
  8. turtle10
    04-20-2011 11:42 PM - permalink
    I was just looking at your tank with the males in it, and I was wondering that if I could get my tank as planted/decorated as heavily as that, if it would be an okay thing to try myself. I recently bought a 100 gallon tank, which I was planning to house a sorority of 10 females, 7 albino cories, 10 guppies, a tiger pleco, 5 dwarf rasboras, and a male betta. Do you think I could add other males in? I have three other males in their own 20g Long, and was wondering if what you thought of having those in the 100g too. That would make it 10 females and 4 males, but like I said I can make it heavily planted and decorated. None of the males are related. Also, if it would make a difference, I could get more females to increase the ratio.

    Thanks so much!
  9. KayDowson
    04-18-2011 08:47 AM - permalink
    K thanx so much OFL... Ur amazin
  10. Oldfishlady
    04-18-2011 08:43 AM - permalink
    If its just a couple of females that have the spots...yes, QT them in, get the temp up to about 84-86F slowly to speed the life cycle of the parasite-add 2tsp/gal aquarium salt and make 100% water changes daily for 3 days past the last day you could see any spots on the fish
    Depending on the plants in your tank...some do not tolerate you may want to do water changes to get it out of the main tank
    Also, in the main tank I would maintain a water temp in the 76-80F the fish they will tell you what temp they like by their behavior.....

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