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  1. Oldfishlady
    05-18-2011 11:18 AM - permalink
    Ammonia 2ppm is what sounds to the the problem...check your source water for ammonia and get some Prime if you have ammonia in the source water...sorry it took so long to respond...been really sick today and may not be on much...
  2. inkrealm
    05-18-2011 10:29 AM - permalink
    I didn't feed him yesterday, and I started feeding him again today,
    and the pellets aren't floating like they usually do, if this means anything, they sink almost immediately.
  3. inkrealm
    05-18-2011 10:28 AM - permalink
    know what might be wrong with him? :/ other than the weird darting and floating around I can't see anything,
    his fin's still a little torn, he has some discolored scales, ( off shade of the rest of the blue on his body ) some redish brown on his pectorals but he's a blue VT so I figured this was his color coming in.... he has some blackish navy blue specks on his tail, I think this is pigment from his real color though because his fins are kindof washed-out still? he had all this when he came from the cup except the rip, which has been healing, but slowed down, ( not getting worse again either though ) and the red on the fins which is really obvious to the point I thought they were bleeding at first, and some much less obvious red hues on the anal, and red brown that follows the shape of his gills behind his eyes. do you think it's parasites or could it be the low PH?
    I use treated tap water, BettaSafe, thankyou for the help, D:
  4. inkrealm
    05-18-2011 10:28 AM - permalink
    so it shouldn't be a parasite should it? should I put him in the ( hot water-washed ) cup he came home in and add some AQ salt?
    the PH is kindof low, around 5.5 ( the lowest on the strip so maybe even lower than that ) D:
    and the ammonia is almost 2.0 so I'mma do a 50 change,
    my dad's getting the master kit tonight, but for now I'm using the strips,
    do you
  5. inkrealm
    05-18-2011 10:27 AM - permalink
    Hi OFL ^-^
    if you have some time could you read over this and see if you know what's up with my betta?
    I removed the AQ salt like you suggested, and he's started acting odd.
    that night he was acting u so I turned off the light thinking maybe he was tired of it, and that seemed to work,
    next day he was being strange though.
    he keeps dart swmming ( wriggling really hard and deliberately ) towards the bottom, he pushes himself into the gravel and darts along it and sits in it, and floats back up ( not really using his fins ) really slow, and swims around for a bit kindof lazily and then starts again D:
    he has no white spots ( like itch ) and I know it could be a parasite too small to see.... but the water is clean and he had the AQ salt a day or two, and it's always around 78 degress,
  6. laughing
    05-15-2011 03:07 PM - permalink
    OFL, would you mind looking at my last thread post? I'm trying to figure out if I can keep bettas outside in my condition and how to properly set something like that up! Thank youu(:
  7. Oldfishlady
    05-15-2011 11:12 AM - permalink
    I would post this on the main board or ask Indigo or 1fish...they are much better on the color genetic than I am.....
  8. Russet
    05-14-2011 10:55 PM - permalink
    Hello OFL! :)
    I've got a question on red wash and butterfly bettas. My turquoise Halfmoon has red wash on his anal fins and a little on his ventral fins. I've been wanting to breed him with another turquoise/steel-blue/royal blue female with no red wash. Is it possible for the fry to have no red wash?
    About the Butterfly question, how do I get a butterfly fry(blue) out of a spawn? Do I have to need a Butterfly male(Halfmoon) breed with a normal royal blue/steel blue/turquoise female? OR should I breed a Blue Halfmoon male with a Opaque White or Platinum female?
    Thank You! :)
  9. ireland
    05-11-2011 11:07 PM - permalink
    Thank you for the information.
  10. Oldfishlady
    05-11-2011 02:28 PM - permalink
    I don't use CO2...not needed with my type of planted tanks, most plants will be fine without CO2 injected...with CO2 you also have to have higher lights...added ferts-I don't use ferts either, however, ferts should not cause any problems for the fry and neither should the CO2 for that matter-just remember CO2 can cause the pH to decrease and smaller volume water changes may be needed in fry tanks.

    Yes, I have been able to keep my Bettas that I spawn together long term without any issues, however, I was not able to successfully do this with the first generation or at least with the males and this is in a 75gal very, very heavy natural planted tank..I have some 5th generation mixed sexes that are to date happy in 25gal and have successfully been able to re-intro the males back to the tank after they are removed for a month or so for spawning....

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