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  1. Oldfishlady
    06-16-2011 12:09 PM - permalink
    They get a very small amount of oxygen from their gills but not enough to sustain them..primary breathing in via the labyrinth organ

    All fish have what is called the lateral line...this is a sensory organ..kinda like echo location so they can find their way in the lateral line.....a very interesting organ....
  2. inkrealm
    06-16-2011 12:11 AM - permalink
    Hi OFL,hope youre doing well,^-^
    just had a quick curiosity&thought you might have enough variety/experience to know,
    can bettas breathe with their gills if they need to?
    I added a vase to my boy's tank&he didnt realize he could get in it till tonight.its clear but he seems to be able to see it&understand that its a solid object.when hes just following my finger,he'll press at the inside of the vase,but not come out,&if I open the food door,he comes almost immediately,so I think he knows how to get out if he wants concern was he likes sleeping in it,so if he needs air in the night,will he be able to get out,or will he suffocate?
    I googled this&a few people said they can use their gills,as when theyre first born,they dont even breathe air,for several weeks.
    the second thought was,if he does need air&cant use his gills,will he be able to find his way out in the dark?or should I leave a dim light on?if you happen to know either or both of these,or even if you dont,thankyou:D:D
  3. SillyCone
    06-15-2011 12:47 PM - permalink
    can you have a quick check on the photos of the last female on my pic spam thread? I want a reply from you before anything, besides I don't want to make a thread about a sick fish if I don't know if she is sick and I also don't have any parameters from my LFS. :P

    Thanks anyway.

    Oh! Why do you always reply people on your own profile? It gets me curious everytime. xD

  4. Oldfishlady
    06-08-2011 12:27 PM - permalink
    Yes it of my doubletails....
  5. shadow123
    06-08-2011 11:58 AM - permalink
    is that your betta as your avatar
  6. SillyCone
    06-07-2011 04:39 PM - permalink
    Thank you for posting! :D

    lub yah =3=

    Hahaha jokes. I just love this smily, so cute =3=
  7. Oldfishlady
    06-07-2011 02:35 PM - permalink
    Thank you and sure..happy to help you get started setting up a NPT...make a new thread so we can share this information with the others and to get input from them as well...I think several people keep natural planted tanks on this forum.....
  8. SillyCone
    06-07-2011 02:35 PM - permalink
    pppsst OFL, how are you? xD

    anyhow, can you do a quick check on Mrs S' new thread? She didn't reply us about how much she is using but I guess it's like nothing more than 2tsp per gallon.. anyhow give a quick look. =]

  9. rhiannon5015
    06-07-2011 02:26 PM - permalink
    Hi! First I would just like to say: Your tanks are beautiful. You probably hear that a lot. I really like the idea of NPT. Do you have any setup/guidelines you could post or send me? I would really like to see how this works. For the safety of fish, I would be willing to keep fish out unitl I have learned.
    Truly beautiful tanks!
  10. Oldfishlady
    06-05-2011 10:20 AM - permalink
    I don't use OTC meds so I can't recommend anything....I feed long term fresh garlic to my fish..but for this to takes about 6 weeks and they have to eat the garlic....Epsom salt 2tsp/gal would be better for internal parasite...temp 76-77F...if your fish is in distress and symptomatic you may want to use a OTC product.....

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