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  1. Oldfishlady
    07-12-2011 10:54 AM - permalink
    blankz-make a new thread with more sure and tell me the title and I will take a look

    PinkBetta-it could be shipping stress and generally you hold food for a few days before shipping and it could be related to her dropping eggs and eating them since that can change the look of her for now and feed small frequent varied diet..the cultures should be fine in the bottom drawer of the fridge
  2. PinkBetta264
    07-12-2011 05:54 AM - permalink
    OFL, I could use some advice from you, since you are the trusted source. Yesterday I got my first female, she came from a breeder in CO. She is a beautiful Copper originally from Thai, HUGE. She shipped Sat. she arrived her water was filthy, I acclimated her to a 6g She seems real active but I noticed at one point soon after that she had a long clear looking excretion with a small ball of pooh at the bottom hanging from her. internal parasites or could this be the lack of eating before and during shipping? She ate one pellet. Advice?
    Second, I also recieved some MW,BW,WW cultures to start, unfortunatly I have to leave town in the morning, so I was wondering if the cultures would store until I get back on Sunday. They are in a oatmeal/baby cereal mixture. Only came with directions to grow cultures and says they can with stand as low as 40degree temp. Do you think they would survive if I put them in the bottom drawer of the fridge, Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you.
  3. blankz
    07-11-2011 07:28 PM - permalink
    i dont know what to do all of my baby betta are on the ground plz help me
  4. Oldfishlady
    07-10-2011 06:23 PM - permalink
    Personally I don't use peas, however, short term feeding for constipation should not be an issue, the thing with long term feeding is related to absorbtion of nutrients since Bettas have a short intestinal tract......often Bloat issues will be confused with a normal full tummy and the Betta is starved or treated needlessly...with bloat you will also have other symptoms along with the enlarged tummy....lethargic, stops eating and pooping, clamped, hiding, buoyancy issues are usually seen with bloat.
  5. BettaFishRule
    07-10-2011 05:46 PM - permalink
    OFL I have heard giving a Betta Fish peas when they are bloated is bad is it or is it not?
  6. inkrealm
    07-07-2011 04:41 PM - permalink
    right now it's....the paleish blue with dark tips, luster's going down and it's getting kindof clamped again. there's a weird yellow bulb-looking thing hanging from him all of a sudden... I'm going to try to get a picture,
  7. inkrealm
    07-07-2011 04:39 PM - permalink
    oh sorry,aqnubias, oriental swords, and money wort, all old. the new plants is anarcharis, it was a suggested plant species in the plant thread :/ and I added a moss ball.

    he doesn't tail bite, the triangle was the result of the heal up, it didn't start as a triangle. and I've watched him day and night and when he thinks I'm not looking and everything else and it's not his personality either ;-;

    I've used the salt before with no upsets, it's fresh water, API.
    the light came with the tank kit, and had never given me issues.
    he never really colored up from the pet store,
    first they were almost black, then bright blue, then pale dull blue, color, just no luster. on the salt his fins unclamped and started to get lustrous and flowy. some darkish color around the edges, I think there's some in the pic I sent you. it's similar to that.
    when I took him off the salt it started back though.
  8. Oldfishlady
    07-07-2011 04:31 PM - permalink
    He may be tail don't want to add salt with the plants since some species can be sensitive....what kind of plants-are you sure they are true aquatic-dead/dying plants can pollute the water pretty fast causing high ammonia and other bad bacteria to thrive---either they are not true aquatic or the salt or the wrong type of lights...are the Bettas fin tips discolored, crusty, curled...etc.....
  9. inkrealm
    07-07-2011 04:25 PM - permalink
    filter is Aqua Tech Power Filter 5-15 gallon
  10. inkrealm
    07-07-2011 04:23 PM - permalink
    the new plants had been in QT while I was doing the salt.they smelled a bit bad so I rinsed them really well&got all the dead bits out till they smelled fine&then kept rinsing&added really hot water&did this several more times.I then added in the healthy ones&removed the dying bits of the old ones&went to cleaning out the debri.
    since the tank is cycled&heavily planted I went back to a 50 every few days.
    today I noticed the fin rot,as described up top.I added a tablespoon of salt immediately and went to getting a vase ready as a temporary QT space till I can get a 1 gallon tank. after I got that done I put the mouth in the water and let him swim into it and gently moved it up so he couldn't swim back out. but he didn't like the vase, and after some time to see if he'd chill out, I gave up and let him swim back out into the five gal so he wouldn't stress himself to death... my dad's going to bring a 1 gal home with him from work in a few hours.

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