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  1. Sharose
    08-10-2011 12:14 PM - permalink
    I am a new Betta fish owner as of two months ago. Now, his color looks a little pale. He has been laying at the bottom of the tank. I changed his water and he did start to swim around more. Now he is not eating. I just bought a 5 gallon tank with a filter, heater, water conditioner, ammonie alert, thermometer, aquarium salt, the whole works. Set it up last night and today I have been conditioning him for his new home.
    Any and all advise would be helpful. Thanks
  2. thePWNISHER
    08-09-2011 03:59 PM - permalink
    Another question:
    well it is too long to ask, I started a thread in betta pics since its got some pics there.

    different thread its bit large to post here.

    P.S. "You're the Best!"
  3. thePWNISHER
    08-08-2011 07:45 PM - permalink
    I have a thread in betta chat that I would like some of your advice on.
  4. Oldfishlady
    08-08-2011 09:57 AM - permalink
    When you raise fry from eggs to get to see the unique two are a like it seems.....they become true pets...or at least with a lot of mine....especially the ones I have outside.....they come running (swimming) to me...wag that tail, jump out of the cute.....and so easy to condition too....all I have to do is give the side or rim of whatever they are in a tap or swish the water a bit and they all come to me......and then the colors...oh wow.....that changes daily it seems and then fins come hard to pick who stays and who goes.....
  5. Punki
    08-07-2011 06:19 PM - permalink
    Okay, ill put a 2g tank in the 10g tank so they dont share water but stay warm, Yes, my largest is half an inch long, fat and nicknamed miss piggy for her aggressive fat self :)) Everyday there is a new developement in the fry tank, new fins, dots of color, funny behaviors :)
  6. Oldfishlady
    08-07-2011 06:11 PM - permalink
    If you separate the big and little will only help the little ones grow bigger faster....the stunting hormone the bigger ones emit can keep them different tanks is a good idea......and I understand every one of them are important to it should be......this is the really fun part too....watching them grow and develop......
  7. audjree
    08-07-2011 06:09 PM - permalink
    i haven't really made a thread, i started treating my betta for fin rot on friday, and i quarantined him in his cup from the store. i put a gallon of water in a milk jug and i treated it with a 1/2 tsp of AQ salt and some stress coat+. everyday i do a 100% water change using the treated water. but now, i'll pour out the water, refill it and put 1 tsp of AQ salt. thank you for your help! (:
  8. Punki
    08-07-2011 06:06 PM - permalink
    lol I guess i just expected them to all get along for the first month at least, if i had a big spawn number id just let what happened happen but with only 8 id like to keep them all. Ive decided to just float a gladware bowl with some holes in it in their tank and keep the two smallest ones in that. Hopefully they catch up and i can put them all in growout together then seperate again as needed. Ty :)
  9. Oldfishlady
    08-07-2011 06:02 PM - permalink
    audjree...what are you treating.....tell me the name of your thread and I will take a look and yes....generally you want to start with 1tsp/gal with Bettas...the box gives a standard dosage to cover other species of fish

    Punki--sorry...didn't mean to scare you......I have seen bigger fry swimming around with the tail end of their sibling sticking out the mouth until the enzymes break the fish down enough so they can swallow it.....survival of the fittest/biggest.....just the laws of nature......
  10. audjree
    08-07-2011 05:56 PM - permalink
    thank you! just to be clear, i should increase it to one teaspoon per gallon instead of 1/2 teaspoon? it won't harm my betta will it?

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