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    08-27-2011 08:57 PM - permalink
    ok, I got it, am new thats why not familiar with , posts procedure, thanks for advise,
  2. Abby
    08-21-2011 08:30 PM - permalink
    Hey OFL if you could take a look at the HIGH PH question i posted in the fish care im in a spot of trouble! thanks in advance
  3. Oldfishlady
    08-17-2011 04:09 PM - permalink
    Thats fine.....
  4. cajunamy
    08-17-2011 04:05 PM - permalink
    hey there - LOVE the post you just wrote on bettas. do you mind if I put it up on my facebook?
  5. diablo13
    08-16-2011 05:02 PM - permalink
    Lol, I heard they were very messy eaters. If this tank doesn't already come with all of these utilities, we will get them from the store, thanks for the help OFL!
  6. Oldfishlady
    08-16-2011 04:00 PM - permalink
    I would also invest in a python type siphon system too-if you don't already have might need to make more than a weekly water change with higher volume and adding a second filter of some type might be a good idea too....messy seems like they blow half the food out the it goes everywhere...laffs....
  7. diablo13
    08-16-2011 03:35 PM - permalink
    Thanks OFL, I heard varying opinions that Oscars need a 55 or a 75, I was just wondering your opinion :). If this does happen, I was going to use whatever filter it comes with, or buy a new, more powerful, filter, along with a heater( the tank has, or had, goldfish) and I was going to do weekly 50%. Thanks!
  8. Oldfishlady
    08-16-2011 03:26 PM - permalink
    I no longer have my Oscars...had to re-home them because they out-grew their 75gal tank...dang-it......55gal is doable for one Oscar, however, since they are somewhat social-they tend to do best with a buddy and 55gal isn't big enough for 2....and these guys grow fast...faster than you think when given proper care and nutrition...they are really messy eater and poop machines....the more water changes the better....I was doing twice weekly 90% most weeks and this was with 2 big HOB filters and big sponge filter...mine loved water changes and would play in the fresh water as it flowed in.....neat fish...playful like wish I had a place for a 125gal-225gal tank in the house....I would have a pair again and more cichlids for that 55gal is a good start for one Oscar.....
  9. diablo13
    08-16-2011 03:14 PM - permalink
    Hi OFL, I know you use to keep a pair of Oscars, and I may be inheriting a 55 gallon soon, so I was wondering, is this tank big enough for 1 Adult Oscar?
  10. Oldfishlady
    08-14-2011 11:50 AM - permalink
    Kirby-neat-I hope you post some pics...

    Loralyn-yes, I add livestock the same day I set one up-provided that you have the right number and species of plants to start it is safe-you do have to make several water changes until the tank is mature-I like to start with a filter-but you don't have to..just makes it easier...

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