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  1. hermeh
    09-23-2011 06:21 PM - permalink
    For fin rot treatment, how much AQ salt should I put? I'm going to do 1/2 tsp. butif that's not right please tell me. Thanks:)
  2. Oldfishlady
    09-22-2011 09:28 AM - permalink
    Yes....that will work.....
  3. diablo13
    09-21-2011 07:56 PM - permalink
    Hi OFL. I have yet another question :P I want a BN pleco for my 29 gallon, and I know they need driftwood fiber to help with digestion. I bought something similar, Mopani Wood I believe it's called. It's real wood, it leaches tannins and all. Apparently it's some sort of African HardWood. My question is, will a BN pleco be able to get the fibers from this? Thanks!
  4. Oldfishlady
    09-18-2011 04:16 PM - permalink
    To be honest...I have no idea...if its not bothering your other Bettas then I wouldn't think it would bother the fry far away is it from where the tank will be.....
  5. fightergirl2710
    09-18-2011 04:01 PM - permalink
    Hey Ofl, I need to bother you with a question! Sorry lol!
    Would my betta fry/ eggs (if and when they arrive) be adversely affected by mosquito repellent? The kind you plug in and it dissapates into the air like a room freshner? I've had my bettas with no problems with it on but fry maybe more delicate and I was wondering whether it would be a problem for them? Thanks :)
  6. diablo13
    09-16-2011 02:51 PM - permalink
    I was going to get Green Cabomba, which I think is good because it sucks up a ton of ammonia and propogates easily :) this is in like 1.5-2 months, I was going to wait until it cycles( to make sure it is, I'm waiting until about halfway thru October), get the tetras, QTing them, waiting, yadayadayada.....thanks for your help!
  7. Oldfishlady
    09-16-2011 02:41 PM - permalink
    In a 29gal filtered tank with that should be fine...and if you have lots of live plants-you could do sure to have some wood in the tank too-since BN plecos need it for digestion......and a cave or two for it/them to hide in and/or spawn in if you get a pair.....
  8. diablo13
    09-16-2011 02:30 PM - permalink
    Hi OFL, I know you breed BN plecos and was interested I getting one. I heard they need like 20 gallons of space, but bioload-wise will be good with 10 gallons per fish. I wanted it for my 29 gallon, which has 6 Zebra Danios in it right now. I was going to get 6 Neon Tetras in the future, after it cycles. The filter is a Top Fin 30, which does 150 GPH. My question is, would this be overstocking, and, if not, will it work? Thanks!
  9. Indyfishy
    09-16-2011 01:21 PM - permalink
    Hi there OFL!! I'm trying to help a new forum member with treating a betta with missing scales, which would normally just be AQ salt with clean water, but now the missing scale patches are turning fuzzy. I can't tell if it's just extra slime coat or if there is something going wrong. I would really appreciate it if you could take a look and give your opinion on it, the thread is called "Finnigan!!! He's not eating! </3" (he is eating now, which is good) and it's in the Emergencies and Diseases section. Thank you so much for your time, I don't want to give this person bad advice since I'm not 100% sure on what's going on with the fuzz!! D=
  10. Oldfishlady
    09-10-2011 03:51 PM - permalink
    That depends...but personally, I don't think its a good idea, usually baffling the overflow or cram the filter box with polly-fill- is enough and if it isn't....then switch to a sponge filter...much better for long fin Bettas anyway.....

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