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  1. NflLover101
    11-16-2011 11:21 AM - permalink
    Hi, I like your username and that orphan opossum was SO cute :)
  2. Ghosty Shrimp
    11-13-2011 01:50 PM - permalink
    Ghosty Shrimp
    xD Opps. sorry, my sis helped me out with it. It was a VM i missed on a previous page, sorry for the trouble!
  3. Ghosty Shrimp
    11-11-2011 01:08 PM - permalink
    Ghosty Shrimp
    Hiya!! i need help lol, my notifications say there's a VM that i haven't read, but i check it and there's nothing. and it won't go away. Help please? :)
  4. Oldfishlady
    11-09-2011 09:03 AM - permalink
    If they are in a planted tank...they shouldn't cause too much of an issue on the bioload, however, you do need to get some out on a regular basis..I have to do it weekly-with closed systems they can get out of hand as you are finding out...I trap mine in a baited jar...the smaller the snail the smaller the load-but I am sure you knew that....assassin snail can help with any snail smaller than them usually.....or setup another tank for a freshwater puffer....I feed a lot of mine to my marble crayfish colony.
  5. Sakura8
    11-09-2011 02:58 AM - permalink
    OFL, how much bioload do Malaysian Trumpet Snails add to a tank? Because I think I may have over 100 babies now. I just pulled over 30 babies out just from the front of the tank alone. I'm kinda worried now that my cycle can't take all of these guys. Is getting an assassin snail the best way to manage their population?
  6. inkrealm
    11-04-2011 02:55 PM - permalink
    thankyou, the response is really appreciated... ^-^ so from the 24h remark, basically a fish can take this longer than a human could?
  7. Oldfishlady
    11-04-2011 10:18 AM - permalink
    If you know for sure they have something stuck-and you can see it...take tweezers and remove if you can safely reach it and handle the fish without doing more harm than good....often food will start to break down fairly fast and it will resolve on its own within 24h.
  8. inkrealm
    11-03-2011 09:54 PM - permalink
    Hi OFL~ I think I already asked you this but maybe I didn't... do you have any ideas of what to do if a fish is choking or seems to be suffocating? i.e. if you KNOW th efish is choking on a pellet he just tried to eat... and then if you don't know for sure and he isn't trying to cough something up, but he's acting really sluggish and losing color fast and looking freaked out? I'm not sure there's anything to be done for the second.. but I figured I'd check anyway... and as for the first it's kindof a longshot, but I was just curious if you've ever encountered this? thankyou ^-^; <3
  9. Zappity
    11-03-2011 09:28 PM - permalink
    Cool :) Thank you, I will definitely use that! :)
  10. Zappity
    10-30-2011 01:03 PM - permalink
    Hi OFL :)
    I have my male veil tail, Mr. Bubbles in a 2 1/2 gal tank, heated and with lots of anubias. I feed him Hikari Bio-Gold pellets, 2pellets twice a day. I want to give him some variety in his diet. I used to give him a freeze-dried bloodworm once in a while, but everytime he got very bloated, so I stopped giving them to him. Kytkattin told me that you have a recipe for pellets, and I wondered if you'd be willing to share it with me? :) (you don't have to if you don't wanna...just wondered)
    Thank you soooo very much, I really appreciate it. :)

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