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  1. Bladezero
    06-26-2012 05:23 PM - permalink
    Thanks for helping :)
  2. lelei
    06-23-2012 07:40 PM - permalink
    Hello, OFL I need some help, I know you are someone that can assist me in this problem, please tell me if there is something wrong with this VT that I recently took in as a rescue, with moderate fin rot, and has been in a 1.75 gal Krittr keeper with AQ salt treatment for 3days, and now he has some red in his face, and eyes, I am using 1/2 tsp for his KK and doing 100% water changes daily. His fin rot is clearing up, but now I am concerned with the red in his face and around his eyes.
  3. LebronTheBetta
    06-23-2012 12:57 PM - permalink
    I hope that this one's not fatal. Thanks for helping dragonflower. Even if it's not my Betta, all deserve to be helped if needed.
  4. LebronTheBetta
    06-23-2012 12:10 PM - permalink
    Hi OFL. It's me LTB.
    I've been to this Thread made by dragonflower. It's called 'bump on betta'. Unfortunately, I do not know how to post a direct Link, I'm an idiot. And I already told her to PM you, or Mo, or Sakura8, or other Betta Pros.
    She/he already did the Information Sheet, and based on the Pictures her/his Betta seems to have a Tumor. Please PM her because she didn't reply to me yet. Is there things you could do to save a Betta with a Tumor? I thought there was not much to do.

    Sincerely, LTB, LebronTheBetta
  5. kfryman
    06-21-2012 03:01 PM - permalink
    Alright, thanks OFL!
  6. kfryman
    06-20-2012 07:58 PM - permalink
    Alright thanks OFL, I will have to keep records of when I set it up and all that.

    For stem plants I have rotala, lots and lots, hygro corymbosa, ludwigia, guppy grass, and wisteria. I have access to all those. I know I am gonna use the rotala as it roots very fast, but what other plant would go well? I plan on having Crypts in front and all the stems in a massive area in the back.
  7. kfryman
    06-20-2012 01:43 PM - permalink
    Alright thanks OFL, my dad was saying that it is high in iron so I knew that it should be good. Now I just need to find a good pitting soil with no manure and not so much wood.

    For a newly set up tank without fish, maybe just some snails, how often should I be changing the water? I know to do lots of water changes at first because of the nutrients, I am just not sure on the frequentcy
  8. kfryman
    06-20-2012 01:21 PM - permalink
    When setting up a NPT, how do you know if the dirt is really good or not? My Aunt has lots of dirt at her house, but I m not sure if it has lots of nutrients, also should I mix it with organic soil?
  9. Anitax3x
    06-19-2012 07:35 PM - permalink
    WOW I think I will keep away from those lol! I ended up getting Water wisteria instead. They were on sale at petsmart with about 15 MTS
  10. Anitax3x
    06-19-2012 10:30 AM - permalink
    Hey OFL! I had a question, would a 20 gal tank be too smal for amazon swords? I am planning on doing a NPT with my 20 gal and I have been told it is good or too small and I figured you would give me the BEST knowledge on the subject

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