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  1. OrangeAugust
    10-30-2013 04:46 PM - permalink
    I never noticed anything weird going on, but I'm not here every day. So yeah, I hope things are better for you here and you stick around! :oD
  2. dramaqueen
    10-30-2013 04:45 PM - permalink
    I'm so glad to see you back!!
  3. OrangeAugust
    10-30-2013 04:31 PM - permalink
    Hi. I see you're posting again. Welcome back!
  4. SeaHorse
    08-30-2013 06:16 PM - permalink
    Oldfishlady... I want to add too that we mods were genuinely thrilled to see you back and posting! Not one of us knows what recent incident you are referring to. Please come talk to us in the Member Discuss With Mod area of the Forum so that we can clear the air and resolve this. If one of us recently offended you... please come talk to us or pm a mod you feel you can talk to. We have no plans to ban you for your comments. We all want you back!!
  5. dramaqueen
    08-29-2013 03:21 PM - permalink
    I just want to say that I was happy to see you return to the forum. So many people were upset that you left because you've always given good advice to members and you're a valued member of this forum.I don't know what more we can do or say to make you feel welcome.
  6. Perseusmom
    08-29-2013 03:05 PM - permalink
    Hi OFL I know we do not know each other but you did answer every pm I sent you back when I was learning how to cycle my tank and you along with Hallyx got me though some rough times when I was in doubt as if I was doing it correctly and was concerned for the health of my Betta Perseus by doing a fish in cycle and for that along with many other members of our Forum I am forever grateful ! I have known the other Moderators for several months now and I must say are they are most dedicated people and members I have known in making sure our Forum is a happy and safe place of all members and when a member is unhappy such as yourself we try to fix it and we discuss it over and over till we can come to some conclusion. So I ask you how can we make you a happy member of our Forum again ? You yourself said you did not want to return but we were so happy and trilled when we saw you posting again and sharing your years of experience with the members.
  7. ao
    08-29-2013 02:23 PM - permalink
    I don't know why you are saying everything that you are OFL, but what you are saying right now is very unfair to us because we've been waiting for your return for a very long time. You have no idea....

    Please do clarify why you believe you are no longer welcome have been and you always have been. As someone who have deeply respected your knowledge and your kindness on this forum, I feel very upset and betrayed that you've said these things about the TFK Team when none of us have any idea what is going on.

    Let me say this again, we always wanted you back. If there is a misunderstanding somewhere please do clarify, it' is just extremely unfair for us when we are so happy to have you back and posting again and then hear you say things like how we will ban you, and how you are not welcome.

  8. Sakura8
    08-28-2013 10:15 PM - permalink
    Hey Brenda. I sent you a message so I hope you log on to read it. Let's talk. I'm sure we can get some things worked out. Miss you!
  9. registereduser
    08-28-2013 06:14 PM - permalink
    That sucks. I find myself coming here less and less. Might stop all together after hearing this news.
  10. krazeazn
    08-28-2013 04:53 PM - permalink
    Hi Oldfishlady! I've been reading your posts on natural planted tank. My history with aquariums were when I was a kid and my dad had arowanas to gold fishes, kois and Oscars. I think its been 10 years since that he got rid of them and now I've moved out. My girlfriend's sister gave us two betta fishes jut recently and that has sparked my love to wanting to start up a natural planted tank, 10 gallon aquarium in our condo. We just got a 10 gallon tank, Do you have any recommendations on lighting? I've been trying to research, but there is so much different lighting out there, incandesecent, led, and flourescent and I wanted to purchase the right one for my tank. Any advice on brands or specific models? thank you in advance :)

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