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  1. Phoxly
    08-17-2010 03:43 PM - permalink
    You are my hero OLF ;) I will probably never have a tank larger than 20-40g, but it will always be planted cause of you (:
  2. Oldfishlady
    08-17-2010 12:33 PM - permalink
    I broke my neck and have limited mobility and fine motor skills-so I had to find away to stay in this hobby-after lots of research I found the natural planted method-added my own twist to it so I don't have to make water changes and still maintain water quality-My largest tank is 250g outside and 75g inside on my larger tanks I make 2-3 times a year water changes. The outside tank is short term with weather and doesn't get water changes.
    I do make regular water changes on my fry tanks to get better growth and development and on my smaller container with Bettas.
    My crayfish tank is not planted but I do keep floating plants in it-or I should say this is where I put a lot of my cuttings from my planted tanks, they won't let me plant it due to burrowing habits and they eat them too, I use oak leaves for the substrate too.
  3. indjo
    08-17-2010 06:39 AM - permalink
    My biggest is about 50g long and they're for crayfish. I can't use plants so I can't make mine peaceful.

    If I may ask, what tail type and color are you breeding? I'm trying to understand their genetics. Though I've read about genetics, I still don't fully understand.
    In the past I only bred green and copper HM. Now I'm working on metalics. Green, copper, platinum and gold. Unfortunately everything is going wrong and I haven't produced anything worth

    You are house bound? .... If that means you can't go places/not mobile, I guess that's another thing we have in common. I'm slowly loosing my legs (bad spine and some other thing - docs can't define/diagnose my symptoms). So I am home most of the time (unless I teach). But still I can't care for my hobbies as I would like to.... my legs hurt and I don't have the energy.
  4. Oldfishlady
    08-15-2010 06:05 PM - permalink
    I have the marble crayfish, it stated with one on an impulse buy at a auction and since they clone and you only need one to got a lot of them now.

    So far, I have been able to keep male Bettas together for 16 months and counting-pretty neat watching males together along with the females all in one tank with all fins and tails intact. I started with one spawn and have been able to add other young males from other spawns, but this has been recent and too early to tell right now, this may change in a month or day--you never know-but I am also right here all the time being house bound of sorts-if I still worked or away for any time-I wouldn't do this.
    The older males seem to tolerate the younger males in the heavy planted 75g, I did try in the 25g and that was a tank size

    I am on a fixed income with limited resources too, so I is why I try to find ways and methods to do what I do as low cost as possible..
  5. indjo
    08-15-2010 03:32 PM - permalink
    I agree that aggression is due to isolation. And that's why they aren't as aggressive in the wild. I also agree that aggression will occur when they are disturbed/moved..... But I always experience aggression when they want to spawn. 3 - 4 months is the longest I can keep them together peacefully.

    You have crayfish too? What kind? I have redclaws and some papua type, and others I don't know the names. Redclaws are the easiest to keep. Papua's are the most difficult. I have never succeeded spawning papua's.

    I guess I'm a greedy (?) type - wanting everything though have very limited resources.
  6. Oldfishlady
    08-15-2010 02:42 PM - permalink
    In an experiment that I conducted last year with multi spawn with one male and female in a 10g NPT-the female did not eat the fry, the older fry did however eat the younger smaller fry
    This time-I had added a unrelated female to eat the large mosquito larva and I had already added some fry for outside and she did not eat them..I was surprised by this personally

    I am of the opinion that it is genetic too, I still have multi males and females (siblings) housed together in a 75g NPT and some outside still without issues/aggression/fighting-I do find a nest with eggs on occasion but no live fry due to other species of fish in the tank and crayfish in the outside tank.

    I have found that siblings raised together from spawn parents that are less aggressive tend to be better parents and male won't fight unless they are moved, I still can't re-introduce without fights and this is one of my goals
    I think some of my success is related to environmental factors too.
  7. indjo
    08-15-2010 02:15 PM - permalink
    Yes, you should show us pictures. I'm guessing they should be about 0.5 - 1 cm (you didn't give us the actual size)

    I forgot to ask in your thread and don't want to double post. Was the female not eating fry your first experience? You see I believe that behavior is genetic. .... I'm not asking you to experiment, please don't risk loosing fry! I was just wondering if you've had such experiences in the past. I'm trying to either prove myself wrong/right.
  8. Oldfishlady
    08-14-2010 03:45 PM - permalink
    Sorry...I need to keep this updated better....

    I wish I could figure out why my pic load up so dark on the computer, they look great on the camera but not on the computer.....I want to show these guys
  9. indjo
    08-14-2010 02:24 PM - permalink
    Hi again, How's your outside spawn doing? You haven't updated us. They should be about a month old. What do you feed them after 1 week old. ...... basically I'm asking about every detail about their development. Please update, I'd like to know because it's different from the usual.
  10. Oldfishlady
    08-10-2010 11:01 AM - permalink
    What do you mean by gasping?

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