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  1. nehemiahludden
    01-05-2013 04:24 PM - permalink
    i just got a veil tail betta and he is extremely active when the water temo is at 79 degrees but not at 78 or 80 is this normal. and his name is whiskers, the reason i names him that is because i was asking him what he wanted his name to be and i had a list of 10 different names and when i said whiskers he came to the side of his bowl and flared all of his fins. i feed him the gold bio betta food and i use a stress calmer liquid drops and a freshwater salt to help him better breath. it seems to help. my only concern is the fin under him is splitting it seems to not bother him at this point but it does concern me. how do i fix this or is the splitting normal for a veil tail betta? it looks like 2 strings hanging down from his belly.
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