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Conversation Between Oldfishlady and BettaQi
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  1. Oldfishlady
    10-21-2012 10:06 AM - permalink
    He sounds lovely....
  2. BettaQi
    10-20-2012 05:14 PM - permalink
    He is eating NLS Thera A pellets!


    I tried a small spider, but he spat it out.

    He is flaring a lot at his reflection in the glass. I have him in a Spec 2.

    My parents are delighted by his long fins and dramatic red coloring!

    "Oh, good," noted mom. " Not like a tomato."
  3. Oldfishlady
    10-20-2012 10:24 AM - permalink
    How is he today....Have your tried live mosquito larva....
  4. BettaQi
    10-19-2012 09:39 PM - permalink
    Thanks for checking in with me! I was so careful bc I lost a rescue that cjconcepcion sent me abc in August and oh the heartache!

    He's in his new Spec 2 now and looks soooo much better he was very pale when he arrived.

    He doesn't like any of the food I offered. Oh well. If he gets hungry enough he'll eat eventually!
  5. Oldfishlady
    10-19-2012 03:40 PM - permalink
    Do you have a thread started...
  6. BettaQi
    10-19-2012 03:25 PM - permalink
    Hullo? Are you on? Oh you're in Coffeehouse. Will try to catch you there. I am drip acclimating the new boy! And I feel anxious.
  7. BettaQi
    08-03-2012 12:47 PM - permalink
    Hullo OFL!

    Thx so much for all your great posts!

    I learn so much reading them.

    I am learning to be patient as I assess what I want to do with my tanks.

    I now have waaaaay more tanks than I thought I ever would!

    Am going to visit 2 LFS this weekend with a shopping list to compare prices.

    All good wishes,

  8. BettaQi
    07-28-2012 10:37 PM - permalink
    OFL, I appreciate reading your useful posts and comments!

    Thank you for sharing so much info!
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