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  1. Bettanewbie60
    08-08-2012 12:51 PM - permalink
    I'm going to post an album showing my room, and where the tanks are if you don't mind checking it out. I don't want to post a bunch of pics on your page lol. Thanks OFL
  2. Oldfishlady
    08-08-2012 12:43 PM - permalink
    Is the indirect light from a window and if so-what direction..East, West...etc...

    Without proper lights you are limited on the plants since they need it for photosynthesis.....
  3. Bettanewbie60
    08-08-2012 12:23 PM - permalink
    Only one of my tanks has an actual light, an led, but it is only on if I go in to see him at night. All of my tanks only have indirect light all day, the tanks with no lights have table lamps, again they are only on when I need to see the fish at night or do water changes etc. So, is there a particular plant that would do well with this kind of lighting?
  4. Oldfishlady
    08-08-2012 12:05 PM - permalink
    My personal favorite floating plant is-Water lettuce, next is frogbit and duckweed...You also have hornwort that is a good floating plant, however, it can sometimes be picky and will drop its needles and make a mess and if the light is too high in watts or too close it can get hair algae. You also have water wisteria and water sprite that can be used as a floater.
  5. Bettanewbie60
    08-08-2012 11:59 AM - permalink
    Hey OFL...what is a good floating plant for unfiltered tank. My room has two widows, and that is the light I use during the day, though no direct sunlight. I need something easy enough for a newbie, but beneficial to both tank and betta, thanks!
  6. Bettanewbie60
    07-29-2012 03:50 PM - permalink
    So, even though Beau is now doing better in the 1g., should I remove the internal filter in 5.5 where the new fish is, or wait and see if he's okay with the vibration?
  7. Bettanewbie60
    07-29-2012 12:52 PM - permalink
    Hey OFL, yes, it's me, here again lol. Sorry to bother you but I have a quick question. Can the in tank filter vibration irritate/cause anxiety in a fish? Beau never seemed to settle in his 5.5, I put him in the 1g bowl last night, and even though not eating yet, he is not swimming erratically back and forth anymore..seems calmer. I put my newest betta in the 5.5 with that filter, and I don't want to drive him "mad" if that is what is happening. The filter is on the lowest setting, but placing my fingers on the glass I can feel it vibrating. Thanks
  8. Oldfishlady
    07-18-2012 11:16 AM - permalink
    Your get easier as you go...learn.....
  9. Bettanewbie60
    07-17-2012 07:43 PM - permalink
    Yeah, I just bought a vacuum and turkey baster finally and use it with every partial I do. Gosh, I guess I just hope I'm doing everything right for them. Sometimes the more I read the less confident I get lol. Both Buddy and Bella seem to be doing really well, so I need to trust myself more. Hugs for all your help and kindness!
  10. Oldfishlady
    07-17-2012 07:37 PM - permalink
    No worries.....
    DOC's..Dissolved organic compounds....this builds up and need to be removed manually along with your weekly water changes and why you shouldn't base water change needs on water prams alone.....
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