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Conversation Between Oldfishlady and finnfinnfriend
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  1. Oldfishlady
    11-08-2012 07:46 AM - permalink
    I generally keep mine in the 76F range and spawning I keep them at 80F.
  2. finnfinnfriend
    11-08-2012 05:57 AM - permalink
    Hey OFL, what temperature do you keep your bettas at?
  3. finnfinnfriend
    09-30-2012 05:08 PM - permalink
    Thank you so much!
  4. Oldfishlady
    09-30-2012 10:22 AM - permalink
    To be honest...I don't have a favorite brand-I view them all the same-Plus I don't use filter on tanks 10gal and under. I do like sponge filter on smaller tanks if I do use them.
    The very best filter is live active growing plants and that is my main bio-filtration on all my tanks big and small....
  5. finnfinnfriend
    09-29-2012 06:36 PM - permalink
    I just want to clear this up for myself....What kind/brand of filters do you use for single betta tanks? Thanks.
  6. finnfinnfriend
    07-23-2012 05:31 PM - permalink
    Okay thank you!
  7. Oldfishlady
    07-23-2012 05:25 PM - permalink
    That should be fine IMO...
  8. finnfinnfriend
    07-23-2012 05:22 PM - permalink
    I'm thinking of the standard rectangular 2.5 gallon glass aquariums. Just a male plakat. Not a king or giant.
  9. Oldfishlady
    07-23-2012 05:21 PM - permalink
    That depends on the tank shape and size, sex, and age of the PK...generally the 2.5gal is fine.....
  10. finnfinnfriend
    07-23-2012 04:06 PM - permalink
    Hey OFL, I just wanted to ask a quick question....Is a 2.5gal tank enough space for a plakat male?

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