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Conversation Between Oldfishlady and Draug Isilme
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  1. Draug Isilme
    12-09-2011 04:43 PM - permalink
    Draug Isilme
    Ah, okay, makes sense ^.^ I've been poking and semi-stirring occasionally (wasn't sure about the stirring, but wasn't sure about the poking, either) and luckily I haven't been getting that rotten egg smell just yet- I was just worried, though.. Oh, and I'm sure this is kind of a silly question, but... microsword isn't a stem plant, is it? I wouldn't imagine it is, but I'm a noob so yeah >.>; but anyway, should I still poke at the substrate once the microsword takes over as a carpet? I'm not sure how deep the roots will go, they've got about 2-3 inches of substrate, so I'm assuming once they've matured and the substrate is at the recommended depth I won't have to worry about it, really(?) Thanks for the help, OFL. You're my NPT guru!! ^.^
  2. Draug Isilme
    12-08-2011 02:12 PM - permalink
    Draug Isilme
    Hey, OFL ^.^ If you don't remember me, I posted a forum about whether or not to keep my filter in my 5g NPT. Anyway, I was wondering about toxic gas being built up in my substrate. I thought that the roots from my plants (the wisteria and microsword) would help prevent that from happening, but I just came across another forum that was talking about having a 5g NPT and they were wanting trumpet snails and talking about how it would keep gases from building up under the substrate... so, um... should I be stirring my substrate more often and still do it even when the microsword carpets the ground and the roots grow in? I'm so confused >.<
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