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  1. inkrealm
    07-07-2011 04:23 PM - permalink
    the new plants had been in QT while I was doing the salt.they smelled a bit bad so I rinsed them really well&got all the dead bits out till they smelled fine&then kept rinsing&added really hot water&did this several more times.I then added in the healthy ones&removed the dying bits of the old ones&went to cleaning out the debri.
    since the tank is cycled&heavily planted I went back to a 50 every few days.
    today I noticed the fin rot,as described up top.I added a tablespoon of salt immediately and went to getting a vase ready as a temporary QT space till I can get a 1 gallon tank. after I got that done I put the mouth in the water and let him swim into it and gently moved it up so he couldn't swim back out. but he didn't like the vase, and after some time to see if he'd chill out, I gave up and let him swim back out into the five gal so he wouldn't stress himself to death... my dad's going to bring a 1 gal home with him from work in a few hours.
  2. inkrealm
    07-07-2011 04:22 PM - permalink
    what happened with the fin rot:
    when I first brought him home he had a plastic plant, it was a soft one, I made sure, but the next day he had a tail cut, so I took it out and treated his tail with FW AQ salt.
    it grew back except for a TINY triangle that wouldn't go.
    after the tank got cycled I didn't change the water as much and the current got a little strong when some water evaporated. this tore the rip back open from the little triangle. so after that I was more careful with the current and I treated it again for a longer period. it went back to the triangle and refused to heal any more, but it didn't look like a cut this time so much as a funny shape on the fin, so I thought maybe that's just had it decided to grow back. ( it had been a week ) the plants were dying, so I removed the salt,
  3. inkrealm
    07-07-2011 04:20 PM - permalink
    5 Gallon
    every day 50% when I was trying to heal the first rip,
    when it healed I added the plants, did a few 50's,
    didn't do one a few days since it's cycled and heavily planted,
    got up today and his tail had a tear, a corner gone like it already did where it had healed, and pin hole tears,
    temp 76 or higher ( higher right now )
  4. inkrealm
    07-07-2011 02:04 PM - permalink
    Hi OldFishLady ^-^;
    do you know a good way to rid a tank of germs without killing the cycle bacteria?
    my betta was getting over fin rot and he seemed to have healed up and I added some plants in and it came back worse ><
    I've put him in a half gallon clean glass vase till I can get a 1 gallon tank, and have added half a teaspoon of salt. ( told to make it a full teaspoon after two days )
    I'm hoping this will fix him up but I want to make sure his tank is c;lean before I add him back. do you have advice? ^-^; thankyou as always <3
  5. inkrealm
    06-26-2011 03:28 PM - permalink
    hm, okay thanks :D
  6. inkrealm
    06-25-2011 11:15 AM - permalink
    thanks :D
    also I was told to use half a potato in the QT plant area to rid it of most pests; if you've used this method before do you know if it should be peeled? I asked but they didn't answer ><
  7. inkrealm
    06-25-2011 02:55 AM - permalink
    Hi OldFishLady ^-^
    someone told me Almond Leaf will stop tell biting... I was just wondering when you get some time if you've ever tried this method, and if so and if it's not too complicated, how it works? ^-^
  8. inkrealm
    06-16-2011 03:16 PM - permalink
    ahh, thankyou very much :D and I will look this up ^_^ greatly appreciated <3
  9. inkrealm
    06-16-2011 12:11 AM - permalink
    Hi OFL,hope youre doing well,^-^
    just had a quick curiosity&thought you might have enough variety/experience to know,
    can bettas breathe with their gills if they need to?
    I added a vase to my boy's tank&he didnt realize he could get in it till tonight.its clear but he seems to be able to see it&understand that its a solid object.when hes just following my finger,he'll press at the inside of the vase,but not come out,&if I open the food door,he comes almost immediately,so I think he knows how to get out if he wants concern was he likes sleeping in it,so if he needs air in the night,will he be able to get out,or will he suffocate?
    I googled this&a few people said they can use their gills,as when theyre first born,they dont even breathe air,for several weeks.
    the second thought was,if he does need air&cant use his gills,will he be able to find his way out in the dark?or should I leave a dim light on?if you happen to know either or both of these,or even if you dont,thankyou:D:D
  10. inkrealm
    05-28-2011 01:27 AM - permalink
    thanks :D he darts funny sometimes but doesn't seem in distress per say, just odd, which they often are with their personalities ><
    no stress streaks or lack of eating though. greatly appreciated :)
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