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  1. turtle10
    04-20-2011 11:42 PM - permalink
    I was just looking at your tank with the males in it, and I was wondering that if I could get my tank as planted/decorated as heavily as that, if it would be an okay thing to try myself. I recently bought a 100 gallon tank, which I was planning to house a sorority of 10 females, 7 albino cories, 10 guppies, a tiger pleco, 5 dwarf rasboras, and a male betta. Do you think I could add other males in? I have three other males in their own 20g Long, and was wondering if what you thought of having those in the 100g too. That would make it 10 females and 4 males, but like I said I can make it heavily planted and decorated. None of the males are related. Also, if it would make a difference, I could get more females to increase the ratio.

    Thanks so much!
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