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  1. Russet
    05-29-2011 12:55 AM - permalink
    Hey OFL! I recently bought a young halfmoon betta 2 days ago. He is doing fine at his tank. The problem is, he won't eat hikari pellets and Atison Betta Pro pellets. When I first dropped them in the tank, he ate the first one but spits out the second one. Then the next time I dropped a pellet he will swim up to it and then swim away ignoring it. I know that he is fed tubifex worms at the fish farm before. All my bettas eat the pellets when I dropped them for the first time to eat. But this young halfmoon doesn't eat them. He likes the live daphnia I gave him. How do I get him to eat the pellets? He is about 3.5cm-4cm in length and I can tell that he is quite young.
  2. Russet
    05-14-2011 10:55 PM - permalink
    Hello OFL! :)
    I've got a question on red wash and butterfly bettas. My turquoise Halfmoon has red wash on his anal fins and a little on his ventral fins. I've been wanting to breed him with another turquoise/steel-blue/royal blue female with no red wash. Is it possible for the fry to have no red wash?
    About the Butterfly question, how do I get a butterfly fry(blue) out of a spawn? Do I have to need a Butterfly male(Halfmoon) breed with a normal royal blue/steel blue/turquoise female? OR should I breed a Blue Halfmoon male with a Opaque White or Platinum female?
    Thank You! :)
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