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  1. BlueHaven
    05-19-2011 05:39 PM - permalink
    It's "Jungle fungus clear, my betta has a serious fungus problem".
    I'm trying to upload another pic of his eyes, I think it's better quality but my internet was being weird. >.>
  2. BlueHaven
    05-19-2011 01:00 PM - permalink
    I added to my previous post in the diseases section, the last page.
    I hope that's okay!
    It was connected to the thread I had posted, so that's why I re-used it.
  3. BlueHaven
    05-19-2011 10:05 AM - permalink
    Oh, I do have a picture, i'll post a pic.
    It looks like it's partly in his's weird.
    Thank you!!
  4. BlueHaven
    05-18-2011 05:40 PM - permalink
    I was wondering if you might know what the cause would be of white rings around a bettas eyes?
    Can this be a fungus?
    My betta had a fungus problem (white patches on him), and I treated him for it, but the whole time he had white rings around his eyes. The fungus is gone, but the white rings are still there. It's one on each eye, though it does look like it's dissapearing. I'm really worried about it!
    Also, his stomach is bloated a little, can I safely use epsom salt after I finish the treatment for his fungus (I used jungle's fungus clear).
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