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  1. weluvbettas
    08-29-2010 12:54 PM - permalink
    i messaged bettaboy this question but he didnt answer so my question is i picked up some plants from my friends pond i had them in quarintine for 3 weeks . Yesterday i washed them and got of all the bugs off them are they safe to put in my tanks?
  2. weluvbettas
    08-27-2010 05:14 PM - permalink
    ok thanks i will stick to soil.
  3. weluvbettas
    08-27-2010 05:00 PM - permalink
    thanks for all the help so basically the pete is a no go
  4. weluvbettas
    08-27-2010 04:39 PM - permalink
    i dont know what kind of soil i think it is pete is this safe for fish ? is there any way to tell if its safe?
  5. weluvbettas
    08-27-2010 04:19 PM - permalink
    ok i was only telling you because i have a big bag of it in the garage. i have a big pot of soil in the garden can i use the soil from that for my tank? will my stem plants grow if there in sunlight but not direct sunlight
  6. weluvbettas
    08-27-2010 03:52 PM - permalink
    can you use cat litter instead of soil in a planted tank? i read online that you can you ?
  7. weluvbettas
    08-26-2010 10:37 AM - permalink
    i might make up a lie and tell my mom is about 2 dollars!
  8. weluvbettas
    08-26-2010 06:14 AM - permalink
    that that you mention it... he could of been moving the eggs because he was moving beyween nest but i thought he was just eating any left over eggs from the old nest.
    i will try again in a week or two. this is a bit of topic but i know you have many tanks just like me. how much does it cost to run a heater?
  9. weluvbettas
    08-25-2010 10:44 AM - permalink
    do you remeber when i messaged you a while back about my first spawn?well the father was a egg eater. :( he trashed the nest with the remaining eggs in and started a new nest on the other side of the tank. i think the eggs were unfertile because the female was about 1 and a half. so im hoping to get a new female soon and try again soon.
  10. weluvbettas
    08-08-2010 11:49 AM - permalink
    hi again lol how long is the condictioning proscess? is it a week or two? and can betta fry be fed on crushed up flake or should i stick with bbs? sorry for all the questions.
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