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  1. weluvbettas
    02-18-2011 09:44 AM - permalink
    Hello Ofl . Im so sorry to bug you AGAIN! Lol.....
    Well I have rescued a poor little vt who has some sbd . He swims around trying to keep down then just floats up to the top on its side! What can I do to make the fella comfortable and get back healthy again?
  2. weluvbettas
    02-12-2011 05:10 PM - permalink
    Hello :) My fish with ick are looking better already. The fry are losing the ick quickly :) I have a question. What are some easy medium tech plants that do well in gravel? I have 3 planted tanks already but there all using the soil method :)
  3. weluvbettas
    02-11-2011 02:11 PM - permalink
    I really need your help!
    Recentley I bought some fish and did not check them any problems! I looked into my tank tonight to find my betta fry with little white dots on! I think the only infected fish other than the fish that brought the disease. I have some treatment for ich (white spot) its called king british white spot termanator . It has worked in the past. Will it be ok in a planted tank?
  4. weluvbettas
    02-06-2011 12:07 PM - permalink
    What am i going to go? I just found out its not 5 gallon its like 8. Does this help in anyway?
  5. weluvbettas
    02-06-2011 11:58 AM - permalink
    Its a 5 gallon tank :)
  6. weluvbettas
    02-06-2011 11:39 AM - permalink
    Hello OFL.
    I have a natural planted tank (with the soil method! :) ) Its like 90% planted. Its heated and filtered. Will the tank be ok with 1 betta and 5 spotted corys?
  7. weluvbettas
    02-01-2011 02:56 PM - permalink
    My tank is in the 70 f range the shrimp breedlike CRAZy. So any ideas? I though endler's where tropical fish?
  8. weluvbettas
    02-01-2011 02:43 PM - permalink
    Hello ! :)
    I was wondering , Is there any nice looking cold waterish fish that can live alone with shrimp?
  9. weluvbettas
    01-11-2011 10:35 AM - permalink
    My black Ghost Knife fish died yesterday after 2 years with us! :'(
  10. weluvbettas
    01-09-2011 12:27 PM - permalink
    Flame died! :( The poor boy. :( It was his time I think!
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