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  1. vaygirl
    07-01-2010 12:12 PM - permalink
    Hey Shards! I've read in various places to do 50% water changes on them weekly even once the tank is cycled. They're messy eaters. I feed mine frozen bloodworms and he just started eating frozen mysis shrimp. They prefer snails but sometimes it's hard to find them. If you have a lfs you can ask them if they have and pond or nerite snails. Or you can order plants online and hope you get some hitchhikers. Aquabid might have snails too. In fact, some members here might have some snails they'd be willing to send you. Mine didn't eat the first two or three days. I left bloodworms on the same spot on driftwood every day and eventually he learned to look there. Now I feed him with tweezers.
    Puffers need a lot of live plants to hide from eachother. I've read that you should have 5 gallon per puffer, so I'd try for a 15 gallon if you can swing it. I use an airstone for mine. He seems to enjoy the bubbles. That's all I can think of. They're so cute and very interesting to watch. I love Huey! :)
  2. shards
    06-30-2010 10:37 PM - permalink
    Hello vaygirl, I was thinking about getting 3 dwarf puffer fish for my 10 gallon (a male and 2 females) and someone suggested I should ask you about them because you have one. I was just wonder if you have any tiips. I've done .y research and know the won't eat flake food and I have to feed them 2 times a day. Also they can get very aggresive. Is there anything else I should know thank you for your help

    - shards
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