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Conversation Between Johnificent and Guppie luver
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  1. Johnificent
    05-16-2011 07:55 PM - permalink
    hahaah, but i've got aunts and uncles that know i like fishys, so hopefully i can get one of those 5 gallons from walmart, the kit, they're cheap and they are actually pretty good, they got lots of good reviews X)
  2. Guppie luver
    05-16-2011 07:49 PM - permalink
    Guppie luver
  3. Johnificent
    05-16-2011 06:19 PM - permalink
    oh, ok X) i want a betta fish for my birthday, but my parents are getting me an ipod touch, wanna know how i know? they arent very sneaky X)
  4. Guppie luver
    05-16-2011 06:11 PM - permalink
    Guppie luver
    Nehter i got an early bithday present I got girls so.
  5. Johnificent
    05-16-2011 06:05 PM - permalink
    thats cool! happy early birthday! you thinking of getting some more bettas or a new tank for your birthday?
  6. Guppie luver
    05-16-2011 05:57 PM - permalink
    Guppie luver
    Oh that sucks that you don't get to set it up and my birfday is in a week from today.
  7. Johnificent
    05-16-2011 09:06 AM - permalink
    that's greatr! :) i still didn't get to set up my new mini bow :/ next week it is XP
  8. Guppie luver
    05-16-2011 08:06 AM - permalink
    Guppie luver
    The sorority is good they are like sisters now.
  9. Johnificent
    05-14-2011 01:54 PM - permalink
    hahaha, yep... too bad :P i was expectin somethin more comforting.. LOOOLL. the sorority going well?
  10. Guppie luver
    05-14-2011 01:52 PM - permalink
    Guppie luver
    Oh to bad I am going to chicago tommrow for my aunts graduation she is only 13 years older than me a family of 5.
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