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  1. Jayy
    06-10-2010 04:41 PM - permalink
    You're welcome!!!!!!
  2. shadow123
    06-06-2010 02:49 AM - permalink
    hey bettalover2033 i like your betta on your avatar.
  3. bettalover2033
    05-19-2010 04:16 PM - permalink
    i will if i could ever find some because my lps is really cheap.
  4. JamieTron
    05-19-2010 04:08 PM - permalink
    Yuppers if you get one someday you should upload pictures
  5. JamieTron
    05-18-2010 08:03 PM - permalink
    Umm such as salinity, temperature, pH changes etc water quality changes basically
  6. JamieTron
    05-18-2010 02:52 PM - permalink
    I don't own one personally but I do know that you need more equipment for a saltwater tank and larger sized tanks. The fish are generally more expensive as well depending on their size, generally the older and larger the fish the more they will cost. I have heard that they are a lot of work compared to freshwater tanks but well worth it in the end. You'll probably have to save a lot, but I think it would be beautiful. The saltwater fish are a little more sensitive to environmental changes than our lovable betta friends
  7. JamieTron
    05-17-2010 07:03 PM - permalink
    Well if you have a salt water tank you might be able to pull it off having a scallop or oyster. The petstore where I live sells flame scallops. You just cannot have starfish in the tank with them cause they will eat them. Some crabs are also predators of starfish. You would need to feed your shellfish algae though which is a lot of work sometimes. I worked on a shellfish farm so I grew all my own live algae not sure how you feed them as pets, though I assume the petstores have some type of food at the for them
  8. JamieTron
    05-17-2010 02:39 PM - permalink
    Well shellfish are in a different classification than fish because they are invertebrates and their shells are exoskeletons of sorts. I dunno why they call them shellfish when they are not really fish
  9. JamieTron
    05-17-2010 01:47 PM - permalink
    Well the most common pearls people use for jewelry and stuff are oyster pearls however it is common for other bivalves to form pearls as well. A pearl is basically the result of an irritation in the soft tissue of the shellfish. Because it is irritating, the body walls it off the irritation as a natural defense, sort of how our body can form abscesses to wall off infection. So the shellfish deposits shell material around the irritation preventing it from getting worse thus forming a pearl Not all shellfish create white colored pearls either
  10. JamieTron
    05-17-2010 10:27 AM - permalink
    The scallops can't breathe out of water persay because shellfish have gills just like fish inside their shells. They can survive out of water for certain periods of time by "clamming up" their shells tightly that's why bivalves exposed on the shore when the tide goes out will survive :D Scallops are also shellfish that can swim (not sure if you knew that) That's what made me so fascinated by them LOL

    You could youtube them clapping to see what it was like in my photo lol I would link you to a good one but it won't not let me post it

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