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Conversation Between FireKidomaru and MrVampire181
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  1. FireKidomaru
    02-21-2011 05:59 PM - permalink
    How's your breeding going?
  2. FireKidomaru
    02-05-2011 04:57 PM - permalink
    sorry i didnt get back to you sooner. Did you cull the little guy or is he still alive??
  3. MrVampire181
    12-17-2010 10:12 PM - permalink
    Hey! My computer has been jacked up so sorry for late reply...well I have 2 month olds who haven't grown much since the free swimming stage (grr) but their older siblings are over an inch long and flaring...I have 18...I may have a cull you can adopt...he's missing a ventral.
  4. FireKidomaru
    12-14-2010 10:35 PM - permalink
    hey hey how are your fry??
  5. MrVampire181
    09-27-2010 10:08 PM - permalink
    Oh ok. Just wondering...I might have some leftover dragons in a few months so if you want to pick them up that'll be fine with me. But anyway I'm in Aurora.
  6. MrVampire181
    09-27-2010 09:39 PM - permalink
    Hey what part of Colorado are you in?
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