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  1. bearwithfish
    05-12-2010 07:06 AM - permalink
    i no longer do breed them actively ( i still get some from time to time) i had to thin out the breeding due to being unable to move them out... i had a great deal of succsess mainly from reading here and prepairing ahead of time... i had the main tank with males and females in it. once i was certain the female was pregnant i would transfer her to a birthing tank of similar size and made sure there were A LOT of hiding places (large stones fake plants, lots and lots of places) almost to the point the mothers could not even get to the bottom of the tank.... after i saw a drop occure or noted that she was no longer pregnant i would put her back in the main display. as for fry care i used "baby bites" from one of my LFS's or finely crushed up food (basicaly powderized) and they did fine with 2-3 feedings a day.... any other questions pm me and i will be glad to assist.. :)
  2. fryup
    05-12-2010 04:52 AM - permalink
    erm...sorry to bother you but do you breed guppies...if so do you ever get a big batch because when i get a big batch i can never keep them alive ???...cheers :):):)
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