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Conversation Between Jayy and vaygirl
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  1. Jayy
    07-15-2011 09:28 AM - permalink
    Whats going on?!
  2. vaygirl
    12-07-2010 07:14 PM - permalink
    You're welcome
  3. Jayy
    12-07-2010 06:45 PM - permalink
    Thanks alot!!
  4. vaygirl
    12-07-2010 06:44 PM - permalink
    Get a good light in the 6500k spectrum and occasionally drop some Flourish fertilizer in there (I think it's made by Seachem.)

    I did change a few of my aquariums over to Ecocomplete or ActiveFlora substrate and they do have better growth then my gravel tanks but it's such a pain if your tank is already up cycled and it's not a huge difference.

    Replace your light every 6 months to a year.
  5. Jayy
    12-07-2010 06:24 PM - permalink
    Do you have any tips or advice for newbie to plants?
  6. Jayy
    08-26-2010 04:44 PM - permalink
    Your welcome!!
  7. vaygirl
    08-26-2010 03:14 PM - permalink
    Thanks! :)
  8. Jayy
    08-25-2010 04:23 PM - permalink
    I love the way you stoodup for DH.
  9. Jayy
    08-18-2010 02:08 PM - permalink
    No prob. I'm glad he's doing okay.
  10. vaygirl
    08-18-2010 02:03 PM - permalink
    He's so much happier. He's alternating between flaring at his reflection and hiding under the driftwood and then popping out at us and the dog like an eel. :P Thanks for asking after him.
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