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  1. xswornxoffxjello
    01-25-2012 05:19 PM - permalink
    Oh, I meant the open houses, and yes, I was being sarcastic. XD HIgh school isn't is tough, but it's a lot better than junior high was for me.

    And thank you. :3 Although technically you'd have to go across the pond. If he were here, I'd take care of him myself. XD

    And that's good...I was worried because you said he was sick. I saw a really pretty yellow butterfly at a Zamzows once. :3 Animals are doing good, my boys are so cuddly. :3 I love their out of cage times; I just put a big towel on my bedroom floor and keep them away from wires since it's too cold to go outside. <3

    How's it going with Tyler? :D (that was his name, wasn't it? :/ XD)
  2. xswornxoffxjello
    01-24-2012 10:09 PM - permalink
    OHHHHHHHHHHH.....ok. xDDDD muahahahahaha, I get it now. xDDDDD

    Fun stuff right there. xD Actually being a sophomore is easier than being a freshman, but I'm not sure why you guys don't have a four year school. xD (We didn't either, until recently. I was a freshman at high school.)

    He is. We talk about random stuff on the rare occasions he's online. I'm so glad I have FB...bout the only thing it's good for, keeping in touch with people. xD

    How are your pets? Bout to go bash my cat over the head for trying to steal the dog's food. :D Just kidding, she'll probably get a squirt with a water bottle. XD
  3. xswornxoffxjello
    01-24-2012 07:12 PM - permalink
    I...didn't even get it. xD Sorry!

    Awww! <3 How cute.

    And that sucks. Dx Have you decided what school you want to go to? You're going to be a sophomore, right? (*doesnt know if grade system is different in Canada*)

    School's okay. Long, and boring right now. Dx xD I'm getting my music for solo fest in choir, which should be good.

    I'm still talking to that guy off and on. I don't expect anything, but it's nice to just let go of him and keep in touch, if that makes sense. xD
  4. xswornxoffxjello
    01-24-2012 04:27 PM - permalink
    Awww, that's awesome. <3 <3 I hope everything goes well with him. :)

    Wait what? I don't know about any soldier. O.o I don't think...? xD

    How has your week been going? Mine has been long, and it's only Tuesday. xD *sighs* I want a really long break from school...can in be spring break yet? Or better, SUMMER? 8D? oh well. xD
  5. xswornxoffxjello
    01-21-2012 12:11 PM - permalink
    Maybe. I dunno. D8 I want pics!...*needs to check threads* xD

    Yeah, I was pretty mad. He said I was overreacting but I TOLD him when to be there to pick me up and I called him and he was still at home. >8C But all's well that ends well. xD

    *hugs you* A lot of the choice has been taken away from me, so that's good. There's only one high school in my town. xD

    I went to this really fun birthday party for a friend. It was awesome. <3 We had to tie our hands together and eat banana splits, which was messy and involved a food fight, syrup everywhere, and everyone going to get water with hands tied. xD We also played out skits and threw paper everywhere. xDDD So much fun. <3

    How are you doing? :D
  6. xswornxoffxjello
    01-18-2012 05:53 PM - permalink
    I know! It's crazy, and you can only set it up with one computer and one headphones and it's kind of nuts. My dad got some kind of huge sale on it so that's why we even have one. :P

    I waaant him, but Mom doesn't want me to get another tank when I haven't sold some of the smaller ones I'm getting rid of...which I've been trying to sell, but okay. :C Maybe someday. And good luck. <3

    My week has been good. Today was fine except for my broher making me spend half an hour waiting in the cold and snow for him to pick me up. >.>

    How's yours?
  7. xswornxoffxjello
    01-18-2012 05:31 PM - permalink
    And expensive. xD I'd buy them all if I could, but they're about $500 US dollars a language. D:

    YOU KNOW VOLDEMORT?! O.O bahaha just kidding. xD I need pictures, btw.

    And...I know you'll think I have ADD or something, but I saw this fish called a Midas Cichlid for sale at a family-run LFS and he was huge and beautiful and he tried to eat my hand and I want him and there's a 55 gallon tank on craigslist with a wood stand and heater and filter for only $150 and I need to talk my parents into it, haha.

    We just got five inches of snow in one day. O.O *parties* I love the snow; it finally feels like winter. <3 How's the weather where you are? :)
  8. xswornxoffxjello
    01-16-2012 09:08 PM - permalink
    My week has been very busy. :) And nothing very interesting happened, haha. Just the first week back stuff, and the three day weekend after it.

    Our headphones came, for our French Rosetta Stone. :DD I've been practicing again. <3 I love it. The old ones broke and you have to have Rosetta Stone brand headphones, apparently, so it's been a few months. Dx

    How has your week been? How are your pets? :D
  9. xswornxoffxjello
    01-13-2012 09:15 PM - permalink
    It's okay, math is. xD I just need to learn it better.

    I'm sorry this is taking so long. DX Homework and suchlike. I'm sorry about that bubblenest. </3 haha

    and I'm sorry. *hugs* How has it been going since then?
  10. xswornxoffxjello
    01-11-2012 08:19 PM - permalink
    I'm sorry that boys are stupid. It sucks. xD Also you have a cell phone that texts...I'm jelly. xDD My only other friend that I know got an smartphone for Christmas, so I am alone. :'C haha

    Buut school is going well! 8D I got a 100% on my last (also first) assignment of the quarter (omgomg...if you knew how bad I am at math you'd know this is a BIG DEAL). I also had to give up my drawing class and take a semester of PE. ;n; Not a happy camper, but it won't be so bad. I have friends in that class and my teacher is better than my teacher last year (a fat man who made us run for fifteen minutes while he chatted and drank soda >_>) so that's cool.

    I'm sorry about your school work. End of break sucks, and my algebra teacher assigns a LOT of work. o____O haha and that's so cute about Akasuna. <3 <3 <3 <3 I love it when they make bubblenests. :3

    How has your week been?

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