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Conversation Between Betta Slave and Alienbetta1
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  1. Betta Slave
    07-08-2010 07:15 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Females can have larger beards sometimes as well.
  2. Alienbetta1
    07-08-2010 05:40 PM - permalink
    Its about the same size.
  3. Betta Slave
    07-08-2010 03:36 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Females have a beard too, just to tell you. Is his/her beard as big as Buddy's?
  4. Alienbetta1
    07-08-2010 02:20 PM - permalink
    Mr.Yuck flares almost all the time and he has a beard.He doesn't have the eggs in real life I just looked.
  5. Betta Slave
    07-08-2010 10:38 AM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Thank you! Same to you.
    But she's full of eggs, and you can't see the ovipositor because she's pinky-white and it blends in with her coloring. I have a male plakat and his fins aren't even that long lol. His claudal fin looks a little long to be a male plakat's.
    Another way to test, does she (he, if you want) flare as often as Buddy does(Who is very pretty, btw)? Female's "Beards" (operculums) aren't as big as male's, and they don't flare as readily.
  6. Alienbetta1
    07-08-2010 10:32 AM - permalink
    Hes defiantly not a female he dosen't have the white spot and his fin is long!Awesome new fishies!
  7. Betta Slave
    07-08-2010 10:10 AM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    I saw! Very nice! But Mr Yuck actually seems to be a female VT.
    Yep, I got a red butterfly CT boy, Murdoc, and a bi-color (I think... he has a yellow body and greeny-blue fins) Vt boy, Stu. And next weekend I'm getting some cellophane PK girls (3 or 4) to breed to Spiri.
  8. Alienbetta1
    07-08-2010 08:18 AM - permalink
    Get any new bettas cause I got a little male Palkat.
  9. Alienbetta1
    06-30-2010 11:36 AM - permalink
    I got a new betta!!!!!!!!!
  10. Alienbetta1
    06-20-2010 01:07 PM - permalink
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