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  1. xswornxoffxjello
    02-02-2012 09:03 PM - permalink
    Awww. <3 Pictures!

    Well, guess what. Luke's not coming back this summer. Fuun stuff. Oh well. *sighs*

    Thanks. XD I have to take this stupid college prep test tomorrow; wish me luck. How's it going for you?
  2. Betta Slave
    01-31-2012 10:03 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Great! :DDDD It's awesome. She's such a good girl. <3 She listens so well.

    He is. XD

    And I'm sorry about Luke, it must be hard >.> Glad he's being civil though....

    And don't worry! XD You'll do great.
  3. xswornxoffxjello
    01-31-2012 09:52 PM - permalink
    Yay, horseback riding! <3 I'd forgotten, how's it going?

    Awww, good. <3 He sounds cute. :3

    Luke is....way too adorable. ;n; But, whatever. :P It's like all this arguing never existed, but I'm not holding my breath. Maybe, just maybe, we're better off friends. XD I'm not going to date for a while yet. XD

    Choir solo fest is approaching and I'm doing a solo again. XD Nervous....
  4. Betta Slave
    01-31-2012 09:38 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    DO IT. XD Our art teacher is amazing.

    Aw D: I hate it when nice people underestimate themselves. She needs to get out there. D:

    Horseback riding, may go to the courts near my place and play some basketball XD And visit the rec and play volleyball and stuff. XD

    Things are going welll :) Yeah... hangin out Thursday, and we're texting now. XD I still can't believe he bussed straight to my friend's place on the other side of the city as soon as he got home from his weekend vacation. XD I feel important or something. XD

    How's Luke? >.> Anything new?
  5. xswornxoffxjello
    01-31-2012 08:10 PM - permalink
    Okay, I'm moving to Canada. XD

    I know; I just think my best friend from the team is too shy for her own good; she's homeschooled only because she thinks she's not "social" enough, yet she is perfectly sweet and awesome. >.> She can't hide in a closet forever.

    Nope, just tennis, you? 8D How's it going with Tyler? :3
  6. Betta Slave
    01-30-2012 10:23 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Well, I mean... we have to go to school, but it's all artsy and amazing. <3 We're doing street art... working on stickers right now... you know how certain street artists have their own logos and stuff they put up that people recognize them by? Like... Obey? XD We're doing that stuff. My logo's pretty cool. ;D

    That sucks >.> You'll meet new people though :3 Any other sports planned for this year?
  7. xswornxoffxjello
    01-30-2012 10:03 PM - permalink
    Oh....maybe you did. XD My memory might be failing me. XD

    School's okay. My stupid history project partners keep fighting. Also, no school? I HATE YOU. LOL jk. I have a day off this week because of teacher workday but I have to take a test.

    I like tennis, too. I miss swimming though, and all my homeschool friends on the team that I haven't seen since last summer. </3
  8. xswornxoffxjello
    01-28-2012 12:10 PM - permalink
    Awww, how cute. <3 < 3

    Things are going good; it's very warm here and it's been raining a lot. :3 My boys are liking the warm weather.

    How are things going for you?
  9. Betta Slave
    01-25-2012 07:07 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Alrighty. XD Just makin' sure.

    BUTTERFLY. <3 GET HEEEEM. And glad the boys are doing well :)

    Going well. XD We talked briefly last night... I'm gonna text him later tonight. XD He went to the mall today and picked up a horror movie (or at least he said he was going to XD ) but yeah... We're lookin forward to tomorrow. XD

    How's it going? :P
  10. xswornxoffxjello
    01-25-2012 05:19 PM - permalink
    Oh, I meant the open houses, and yes, I was being sarcastic. XD HIgh school isn't is tough, but it's a lot better than junior high was for me.

    And thank you. :3 Although technically you'd have to go across the pond. If he were here, I'd take care of him myself. XD

    And that's good...I was worried because you said he was sick. I saw a really pretty yellow butterfly at a Zamzows once. :3 Animals are doing good, my boys are so cuddly. :3 I love their out of cage times; I just put a big towel on my bedroom floor and keep them away from wires since it's too cold to go outside. <3

    How's it going with Tyler? :D (that was his name, wasn't it? :/ XD)
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