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Conversation Between Betta Slave and CodeRed
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  1. Betta Slave
    03-24-2011 04:04 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    :( I'm so sorry... I definitely know how you feel. It's not at all your fault, though! <:)
  2. CodeRed
    03-23-2011 11:09 PM - permalink
    It got terrible today ): My Chiiya is missing... I think she jumped and got eaten by a cat. I'm giving up here... I don't think I'm going to get anymore bettas for awhile... Maybe just another girl to make the sorority odd again, but that's all. My fourth death in a month when I havent lost any in over a year ): I feel like a failure to them all.
  3. Betta Slave
    03-19-2011 02:37 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    D: I'm so sorry! So many deaths close together are really hard.

    I'm okay, and the fish are okay. Looking into synthesizers, and going to try some out on Spring Break~

    How's your day been?
  4. CodeRed
    03-19-2011 12:56 AM - permalink
    Bad, actually ): Vali died in February or so, Shani got dropsy and died about 3 days later, and Sherbet died from the tumor on his head... Everyone else is fine, but that was rough. My first deaths in a long, long time, and so close together. How've you and yours been?
  5. Betta Slave
    03-02-2011 04:58 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Hey CR,
    How're you, the fish, scalies, furries, and the fan-fiction going?
  6. Betta Slave
    01-26-2011 09:22 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Hey, how're you and the pets doing?
  7. Betta Slave
    01-02-2011 07:30 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Awww, can't blame her for trying XDD

    Alrighty, see ya :P
  8. CodeRed
    01-02-2011 07:26 PM - permalink
    I stayed up until 5:30ish last night so I'm tired, LOL. Got all of my homework done for tomorrow... Just waiting for Wednesday to come to get my last 2 girls (: Chiiya STILL has some SBD, but she made me a bubblenest xD She's REALLY bad at it, though xDD I guess you must get bored just sitting at the top of the tank, LOL.

    Ack, gotta go -.-;; Later! :D
  9. Betta Slave
    01-02-2011 07:23 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Oh :(

    My day was okay... I slept a bit in the afternoon and I had a dream that was exactly like my fan-fiction.

  10. CodeRed
    01-02-2011 07:21 PM - permalink
    He's been like this for months, so I don't seen him getting any better ;-;

    Anyways, away from depressing topics, how was your day?
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