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Conversation Between wallywestisthebest333 and VioletTrauma
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  1. VioletTrauma
    12-22-2010 07:20 PM - permalink
    sorry i took so long i had family stuff to attend to. thank you for complimenting my cakes um i do pretty much whatever crosses my mind i made my boyfriend a tiny chefs hat recently but no pix >> didnt wanna spoil the surpise but um yeah. =) thanks! =D and lemons sound fun to do good luck! =P
  2. wallywestisthebest333
    12-16-2010 08:34 PM - permalink
    Hey! :D I saw your cake charms on the crafts thread just now! :D They're GREAT! I used to make chibi charms. :3 I made an Akaito and a Gakupo but both broke. :[ I still have some of the musical notes and the eggplant for Gakupo but that's it. :P
    They were small and light and they looked SO cute on my cell! <3 I hope that I get the time to make a few over break! <3

    What else do you charm other than cakes? :3 I saw the cutest lemon tutorial (though it looked like it took HOURS! XD) I'd love to make it though! :P

    I also wanna experiment with coloring clay with paint because I feel it would be easier than painting the piece after it's baked (that was the hardest part for me aside from hair sculpting! >n<).

    Sorry I know this is lengthy. D:
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