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Conversation Between wallywestisthebest333 and xswornxoffxjello
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  1. xswornxoffxjello
    10-30-2011 09:33 PM - permalink
    I"m good. Tired, but I just got back from a Halloween party, so that was fun. xD How are you?
  2. wallywestisthebest333
    10-29-2011 11:46 PM - permalink
    lol yeah. I've been working on schoolwork and volunteer projects (and Tumblr got me) so I've been all over the place! XD How are you?
  3. xswornxoffxjello
    10-28-2011 05:43 PM - permalink
    You're welcome! =) And nope, my birthday is next week. You haven't been on much; it's nice having you around. :)
  4. wallywestisthebest333
    10-27-2011 12:31 PM - permalink
    Thank you so much for wishing me a happy birthday! <3 I'm not sure if I missed yours or not so just in case: Happy Birthday to you too! =]
  5. xswornxoffxjello
    07-27-2011 05:32 PM - permalink
    Happy birthday! :D
  6. xswornxoffxjello
    08-06-2010 01:14 PM - permalink
    Hey, you're welcome! I've been meaning to ask several people for a while now. :)
  7. wallywestisthebest333
    08-05-2010 10:33 PM - permalink
    Thanks for the add! :D *fistbumps*
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