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  1. wallywestisthebest333
    02-06-2011 10:24 AM - permalink
    Nice! <3 I'm so excited about learning! <3 It's gonna be a blast! >u<

    Uhg the party sucked. It started well but ended so badly. I'm really disappointed. I really don't respect a lot of people in my group now. </3 It sucks.

    How was your night and how are your fish? <3
  2. Betta Slave
    02-05-2011 04:26 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Hmmm... I'll take a look for a link for you... it shouldn't be that hard, but you're going to have to go through a few pairs to get what you want IMO.

    Okay, have fun :)
  3. wallywestisthebest333
    02-05-2011 04:21 PM - permalink
    Dude. That TOTALLY figures! :[

    You're welcome! >u<

    Lol I gotta agree in summer it can be stifiling! XD And humid too! But that's when I'd start going to the pool! B] XD

    Sweet! :D If you do I'd love to see pics of him! :] <3 Do you know where I can find out how to breed spade tails? I'm not going to do it till I'm out of college but if I breed that's what I wanna breed! <3

    I'm actually gonna get off now and go to dinner and a party! XD
  4. Betta Slave
    02-05-2011 03:06 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Mm... he was on sale for $2 too. -.- He was such a pretty sky blue, and his eyes were so big and cute XD

    Aw, thank you! *huggs* ^-^

    Georgia's too warm for me, lol XD Last time I went down there I had to sit through a ball game and it was 104 degrees and I was half-dead. 8D I can't stand that warm weather.

    If he's still there when I go back in a week or two I'm going to get him... hope someone snatches him up though :/ There are some gorgeous fish at Petsmart, they're all treated horribly D8

    So what're your plans for this weekend? :)
  5. wallywestisthebest333
    02-05-2011 03:01 PM - permalink
    D8 D8 D8 D8 D8 A BLUE CAMBODIAN SPADE TAIL?!?!?!?! WHY DON'T I LIVE IN CANADA?!?!?! OBVIOUSLY I was raised in the wrong area. XD MY DREAM FISH! </3 Oh man! </3 I'd pay $15 for that boy no joke.

    NEVER be sorry for bragging because you're a sweet girl and you don't do it often enough! <3

    It's actually raining sooo... yeah. :P

    Don't worry about it I am too! XD
    Sweet! :D Sounds super cool! <3 eeeeeeeee snow! D:< Now I remember THAT'S why I don't live in Canada! :'D I'm moving to Georgia as soon as I can! <3 It's WARM down there! <3 Plus Savanah is AMAZING! <3

    Sorry you couldn't get him! </3 I'm sure somebody will! I mean they better! XD I hope they join the forums here too! <3 I'd love to see pics of him! <3
  6. Betta Slave
    02-05-2011 02:42 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Oh, and don't worry about posting on your own profile XD I do it all the time lol.
  7. Betta Slave
    02-05-2011 02:37 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    Alright X3 instead of "sorry if I'm bragging" I should have said "sorry for the bragging"

    And I'd ship you one! But I'm like hardcore broke right now :/

    Hope you get to go to the tailgate party... is it nice weather over there? If it isn't you have an excuse not to go... :P Kind of. Depends on how bad it is/could be, really.

    Anyway sorry for the rambling, I'm half-asleep XD

    My day was okay :) Went to Chapters and bought some books, Dad bought me a book on bass guitars (which is great- I've only been reading from offline and of course gotten lessons from all the people at the guitar store)... it's snowy right now... Brr.

    And there was a gorgeous blue cambodian spadetail (yesss.... he was GORGEOUS) at Petsmart, but
    1. I don't have the room! The breeder bettas are more important right now :/
    2. Dad wouldn't let me.

    So that kind of sucked, but he was in the very front and hopefully someone will pick him up and give him a nice heated home.
  8. wallywestisthebest333
    02-05-2011 02:31 PM - permalink
    Sweet I'll go take a look! =]

    AWESOME! :D If I lived in Canada I'd totally buy one of your spawn! >u< <3

    It's going pretty well! =] Being lazy so far... I REALLY should be going to that tailgate party but my friend never called and I still have to change the boys water and shower or at least wet and re-part my hair anyway as it look atrocious! XD

    How's yours? :3
  9. Betta Slave
    02-05-2011 02:22 PM - permalink
    Betta Slave
    In "So What are you up to". Or something like that. lol. XD

    New pair, actually :) I might get 2 males and females if I get the room... the breeder's coming in March and she breeds dragon PKs <33 So yeahhh.

    How is/was your day?
  10. wallywestisthebest333
    02-05-2011 01:22 PM - permalink
    It is cool! :D Aw thanks! >u< I can't wait till I get to treat him! <3

    AWESOME!!!!! Which thread did you brag in? :D I want to read it!!!!!!1 You should be proud of yourself! >u<

    Sweet! =] How's getting that new boy going and how is Cass doing? :3
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