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  1. XSprinkleFaceX
    09-11-2010 10:55 AM - permalink
    Suree I'll check now ^_^
  2. JaspersANGEL
    09-10-2010 09:48 PM - permalink
    Thankx I'll try that
    I'm posting about my new kid *lol* Go check him out when u have time!
  3. XSprinkleFaceX
    09-10-2010 09:42 PM - permalink
    Hey!! I'm good and you?
    I have a minibow but it's the 5G...I'm guessing your filter just died. lol But first try taking it apart and rinsing everything cause sometimes it may just be a clog or something.
    Hope that works so you won't have to spend money on a filter lol :)
  4. JaspersANGEL
    09-10-2010 09:21 PM - permalink
    Hey girl
    How are u? I need a lil' u have the minibow 2.5
    I just cleaned my new guys tank and his filter did not start back up
    any ideas?
  5. XSprinkleFaceX
    08-31-2010 09:55 AM - permalink
    Well if you check on Aquabid, a high quality betta is usually between 15-20$ so if you're willing to spend 5$ more than yah, but if not just go on aquabid...Id prefer the 5$ more though since you dont have to wait ^_^.

    Sorry about charlie :(
  6. JaspersANGEL
    08-31-2010 09:47 AM - permalink
    Well I have some sad news my baby Charlie passed away sometime last night from fungus, and I decide to take a small break from betta's. I need to disenfect Charlies tank, and I'll cycle it to make things easier.

    hey do u think 25$ is too expensive for a betta, the woman I got Tex from sell's aquabid qualatie baby bettas, and bonus she live's near by..but seems expensive for a fish..
  7. XSprinkleFaceX
    08-31-2010 09:26 AM - permalink
    Wow! Good stuff man. He's a beautiful fish. :)
  8. JaspersANGEL
    08-29-2010 09:17 AM - permalink
    Thankx, Well I did some upgrades and I got a new addition, In my avatar, that's Tex the baby Delta tail, a woman had bettas for sale at the super ex, they all came straight from Thailand, aquabid qualaty and all babies. So I could pass up the opertunity *lol*

    And Jet my huge king is hapily bouncing in a gorgeous 5g. now cause I needed a home for Tex and I couldn't find nothing else.
  9. XSprinkleFaceX
    08-29-2010 12:21 AM - permalink
    He's doing ok...He's been tail biting -_-' But other than that he's been good :) Hows all your fish?
    Btw, I love your displac pics..they make me laugh ^_^
  10. JaspersANGEL
    08-28-2010 04:39 PM - permalink
    hi how's finn doing...
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