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  1. MikeG14
    02-20-2015 08:52 PM - permalink
    Bolivian rams are super hard to sex. I came to the conclusion that the lovely Suzy is a male. This explains the aggression I've been seeing. Sam may need a new home. I've added more plants and rearranged the tank, I hope it works. Sam has way more personality and is smarter but he is timid. I'm keeping them both, I'll just move him into his own tank.

    I'm in a bad mood tonight. I'm going to watch the Sand Pebbles with Steve McQueen. After that I'm calling my girlfriend and telling her "nice girls don't talk to China Sailors."
  2. MikeG14
    02-15-2015 07:49 PM - permalink

    Here is the lovely Suzy with 6 members of Troop 55, my collective name for my school of Rummy noses. I can't tell them apart! They got a little overfed tonight... a bit of an unforeseen problem on my part, but I think I got it figured out.

    Sam is a shy little guy and is not sure what to make of Troop 55 and why are they eating all his food.
  3. MikeG14
    02-15-2015 05:06 PM - permalink
    Rummy nose tetras are excellent fish for a community aquarium!

    They provide constant movement & color...and I really need to approve messages here.
  4. Ilovebettasbk11
    02-15-2015 02:56 PM - permalink
    Honestly i am coming to this site less and less
  5. MikeG14
    02-15-2015 10:43 AM - permalink
    Troop 55 are in the main tank!

    I'm not so sure Sam knows what to make of them just yet.
  6. MikeG14
    02-07-2015 08:45 PM - permalink
    I got 7 fruit baskets this week, if I wasn't so sad I'd laugh.

    No more Ich for the rummys but there is drama in the main tank. My female ram is turning on the male. I'm really not sure how to handle the aggression. Hopefully the rummys will calm things down but I can't introduce them until they are 100% ich-free.
  7. MikeG14
    01-30-2015 05:55 PM - permalink
    Working on a terracotta pot "how-to", stay tuned!
  8. MikeG14
    01-29-2015 09:40 PM - permalink
    Stupid rummy noses have Ich, started treatment tonight. Slowly raising temperature to 86 and adding aeration. Oh well, I guess that's what a quarantine tank is for.

    Believe me, Ich is one of the better things going on my my life right now. If only congestive heart failure was that easy to cure.
  9. MikeG14
    01-26-2015 06:58 PM - permalink
    The rummys are eating pellets! Omega One Color Micro pellets! I'm so glad I won't have to deal with flakes.
  10. MikeG14
    01-26-2015 04:53 AM - permalink
    My rummys are doing fine in their first full day of quarantine and have colored up nicely.

    Went to the Royal Rumble last night, the kids loved it and told me what an amazing Uncle I am. :) I was hoping since the Royal Rumble was is in Philly they'd bring out some old ECW guys from the past. I would have loved to see the "homicidal, suicidal, genocidal", Sabu bleed all over everybody one last time. It would have taken me back to the days of my youth at the 2300 Arena in South Philly. I'm glad it didn't happen, I'm more comfortable with this PG rated era of Pro-wrestling they are feeding kids these days. Do my 12 year old Niece and Nephew really need to see somebody hit with a flaming 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire?

    It was really important to my Grandmother to watch the Rumble on the WWE network, she loves to look for on us on TV whenever we go to a live sporting event. My Brother-in-law hooked up his Roku box for her just so she could watch. I love her so much.

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