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Conversation Between biokid101 and fryup
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  1. biokid101
    07-30-2010 07:46 AM - permalink
    thx good luck with urs
  2. fryup
    07-30-2010 02:23 AM - permalink
    yh but when i got them they didnt look that pregnant but its really started to show ....and iv moved around 4-6 sword fry into the main tank and there doin good :):):):)......and good luck with your 20 G and with fry :D
  3. biokid101
    07-29-2010 07:47 PM - permalink
    did u buy 2 prego ones and they r all fine...but i rlly rlly want more fry like rlly im quarantinig a 20 gallon tank so i can have more fry cause ill still have my 10 gal
  4. fryup
    07-29-2010 04:10 PM - permalink
    iv just got 2 prego female guppies :):):) are all your fish doin :)
  5. biokid101
    07-22-2010 09:42 AM - permalink
    thats what i try to do but he females only have color on their tails and fins and i wanna find at least a cool design on their tails with different colors but i only get solid colors :/ hopefully that will change soon cause i rlly wanna get more female guppies
  6. fryup
    07-22-2010 02:02 AM - permalink
    well the last few times the females have been colourless but with a bit of colour on there tails but il try get 1nz that are bright :):):)
  7. biokid101
    07-21-2010 05:53 PM - permalink
    heeyy yea i wanna see the females the UK has lol especially the ones u pick..the babies will look amazing i bet. lol
  8. fryup
    07-21-2010 04:22 PM - permalink
    hello, long time no speak :)...i can get some female guppies soon to go with my 3 males :):):)
  9. biokid101
    05-23-2010 12:44 PM - permalink
    omg rlly! thats horrible..what happened to the one born on january 15th??
  10. fryup
    05-23-2010 09:48 AM - permalink
    1 of the younger females in my main tank has died tday....guppy breeding for the future seems to be going down hill :(:(:(
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