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  1. vaygirl
    09-08-2011 04:53 PM - permalink
    No problem!
  2. diablo13
    09-08-2011 04:44 PM - permalink
    I do 50% on it anyway, that shouldn't be a problem :) I can only do Internal Filters, though, because if the way the hood is shaped. I don't think I even could use a Power filter. Thanks for your help :)
  3. vaygirl
    09-08-2011 04:40 PM - permalink
    I think I have 120 right now but it's a baffled hang on back aquatech 5-15. I think as long as your doing 50% weekly it should be okay but IF you wanna go higher then go for it.
  4. diablo13
    09-08-2011 04:34 PM - permalink
    Lol, I was reviewing that website you reccomended me, and the power filters they reccomended do about 100 GPH, so I was curious. At this point it's either a Dwarf Puffer or a Betta, so let's see what happens :) thanks!
  5. vaygirl
    09-08-2011 04:30 PM - permalink
    I think that'll be good. He'll probably need 50% water changes weekly. That was the recommendation I got due to general messyness on their part. Mine spits bloodworm skins out sometimes and leaves em. Bleh!
  6. diablo13
    09-08-2011 04:17 PM - permalink
    Hey VG, sorry to both you, but, as you know, I'm going to reuse my 5 gallon, and on the Dwarf Puffers, what do you think a good GPH rate is for a 5 gallon? I was considering a Fluval U1, which is 65 GPH. Is this suitable?
  7. diablo13
    08-10-2011 07:51 PM - permalink
    Thanks so much!
  8. vaygirl
    08-10-2011 07:26 PM - permalink
    I have Huey in a 5 Gallon Hawkeye from Walmart. The filter that came with it is a normal hang on the back filter by Aquatech (I think it's a 5-15). I had a baffle on it for Wraith and I just left it on but they really don't need a baffle. It's pretty quiet. And it can be used for cycling.
  9. diablo13
    08-10-2011 07:20 PM - permalink
    Sorry, I have a couple involving filters. What filter do you use, is it relitavely quiet, and does it work for cycling? Thanks!
  10. vaygirl
    08-10-2011 07:07 PM - permalink
    No problem. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask!
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