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  1. 1fish2fish
    05-22-2011 09:52 AM - permalink
    Well it may brighten his colors on the surface but genetically speaking it has no effect. What I mean is, if you were to breed him the fry wouldn't have more/less wash because of feeding the hikari.
  2. Russet
    05-21-2011 01:30 PM - permalink
    1Fish, I've got a question on red wash again. Does colour enhancing pellets increase the red wash in bettas? I've been using Hikari Betta Bio-Gold and the red wash in my betta seems to have increased. Does it really affect or promote the red wash when I feed Hikari Pellets?
  3. 1fish2fish
    05-17-2011 03:12 PM - permalink
    Without knowing the background of the fish it's hard to tell. In general though if you want to get rid of the red wash it's best to get a female with no red who comes from a line that is not showing red. You may still get a little red but if you breed carefully in successive generations you will probably begin to see less red, although you may see throwbacks once in a while. If either of your breeders come from marble or multicolor lines there's really no way to tell what you'll get.

    To get butterfly the best way is to find a female who also exhibits the butterfly pattern or to get a sibling sister to the male with a butterfly pattern. You'd be better off breeding him to a blue female than an opaque, depending on the type of opaque, however that would still be an interesting cross.
  4. Russet
    05-16-2011 11:21 AM - permalink
    Hey 1Fish!
    I thought you are good in colour genetics, so I want to ask you some questions. :)
    Questions on red wash and butterfly bettas. My turquoise Halfmoon has red wash on his anal fins and a little on his ventral fins. I've been wanting to breed him with another turquoise/steel-blue/royal blue female with no red wash. Is it possible for the fry to have no red wash?
    About the Butterfly question, how do I get a butterfly fry(blue) out of a spawn? Do I have to need a Butterfly male(Halfmoon) breed with a normal royal blue/steel blue/turquoise female? OR should I breed a Blue Halfmoon male with a Opaque White or Platinum female?
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