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Conversation Between BettaxFishxCrazy and Neelie
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  1. BettaxFishxCrazy
    03-18-2010 05:45 PM - permalink
    Aww that stinks!
  2. Neelie
    03-18-2010 05:13 PM - permalink
    i have a very good canon eos with huge lense BUT my battery is broken lol... its just so typical. and i have no monies to buy a new battery
  3. BettaxFishxCrazy
    03-18-2010 04:25 PM - permalink
    Yeah, I'll use my Nikon if my 'point and shoot' camera doesn't get good
  4. Neelie
    03-18-2010 04:24 PM - permalink
    lol but then again we complain and worry like hell if they dont swim around! poor fish dont know what to do lol. i guess the only way to get good pics is with a digital SLR camera. they are fast enough... my digital has a lag of like 3 seconds!
  5. BettaxFishxCrazy
    03-18-2010 04:09 PM - permalink
    Haha I know!! It's like ok PLEASE stand I took some pictures of my dads salt water fish and they're even worse! The only really good pictures I have are of hawk fish which stop
  6. Neelie
    03-18-2010 03:56 PM - permalink
    betta photography is really hard!!! out of 20 pics 1 will be ok... but yeah, maehk will pause now and again, but salmon goes round and round and round and round and round.... butt wiggle here butt wiggle there
  7. BettaxFishxCrazy
    03-18-2010 03:50 PM - permalink
    Ugh I know how that You're welcome! I didn't get to see all of them, for some reason it wouldn't let me go on. I'm checking out the rest right now. :)
  8. Neelie
    03-18-2010 03:44 PM - permalink
    thanks maehk is so photogenic!
    salmon on the other hand keeps twitching around!
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