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Conversation Between Jupiter and Ariel1719
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  1. Ariel1719
    05-06-2011 08:20 AM - permalink
    Yep. All the betta's I bought from the big als in Kanata (its closer to me than the other one) died within a week or two of getting them. They had a whole lot of beautiful ones recently and they all died. One for un known reasons, one grew a fungus the day after I got him, and the other one was just lethargic and didn't do anything and then just died. I do know that both big al's get the same shipment though, so its no surprise that the betta's from both stores ended up dying because they were sick. Now they only place I will be buying betta's from is that critter jungle.
  2. Jupiter
    05-06-2011 12:43 AM - permalink
    Hey, I noticed that you've unfortunately lossed quite a few of your bettas. Did you find that most of the ones you got from Big Al's (specifically, the one on Innes) became sick or died quickly?

    It's just that I've noticed that pattern when it comes to the bettas I buy from there, I was wondering if other people have the same problem. :/
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