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  1. WuGolfer07
    03-29-2010 10:28 AM - permalink
    i agree with the obession. But all these tree huggin animal lovers are to stubborn to see that you dont need ALL that crap for bettas. I have seen bettas in the wild. They would be more than happy with a 1gal or smaller habitat with fresh water and food, that's it. My grandma had a betta in a plant vase ( which like EVERYONE on here would disagree with ) and it lived nearly 3 yrs, but thank you for being kind
  2. Bettabubble3
    03-29-2010 10:24 AM - permalink
    Hi I am really sorry about your bettas. I understand. Some of these people over obsees with all these like big tanks. I had a goldfish that lived for 6 years in bowl. My friend had one that lived in a 1/2 gallon bowl for 14 years! So i understand. I have a betta that lives in a 1gallon corner tank for about 2years. So please don't give up on your bettas. Just take care of them. Maybe since you only have 1 you can just take care of that one :)
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