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Conversation Between Hankbetta and Lupin
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  1. Hankbetta
    08-21-2009 10:48 PM - permalink
    Yikes, I wasn't wanting to get anything bigger than a 10g. Maybe I'll just stick to my one betta in a 4g for a while.
  2. Lupin
    08-20-2009 06:45 PM - permalink
    No, it isn't. A 10g is too small. Goldfish are sociable creatures therefore you cannot keep only one. A 40g is my recommended starting point if you want to try fancies. It can fit at least 2-3 goldfish. A lot of fancy goldfish are bulky growing at 8-10 inches. My oranda is 7" and that's still not enough for him. Aim for 10-15g per fancy goldfish but that doesn't mean anything smaller than a 30g is feasible because it is not.
  3. Hankbetta
    08-20-2009 02:40 PM - permalink
    So from what I've been reading, one goldfish would need a 10 gallon tank, is this correct?
  4. Hankbetta
    08-14-2009 04:56 PM - permalink
    If I wanted to learn more about goldfish, what would you say is a good resource?
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