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Conversation Between Hankbetta and neenjar
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  1. Hankbetta
    08-20-2009 01:39 PM - permalink
    Oh, good to know. I usually just try and cut the smallest piece off.
  2. neenjar
    08-20-2009 12:52 PM - permalink
    youo can always defrost and refrigerate what you do not use. it will keep a couple days.
  3. Hankbetta
    08-20-2009 11:01 AM - permalink
    Lol well I guess Ollie is just one picky eater, I've tried giving him the freeze dried blood worms that I gave Hank, he doesn't show any interest in them. Maybe I can cut a thin slice off then cut that in half. Makes it so the frozen food lasts longer, lol. Because when I had Hank, he had two tank buddies, so I just used a whole cube. Sigh, oh well.
  4. neenjar
    08-20-2009 07:20 AM - permalink
    Cut off smaller pieces or get more tanks to split it between. lol that is why I use freeze dried, it is much easier to dish out in small amounts.
  5. Hankbetta
    08-20-2009 12:19 AM - permalink
    Ollie doesn't like pellets :( I put two in his tank, he tried eating one, but then spit it back out and didn't attempt to eat them again. He seems to only like the frozen blood worms and frozen brine shrimp. And as far as the frozen stuff goes, how do I get a small enough amount for just Ollie? I think the amount I've been giving him is too much, I try and cut off a small piece from the cube but once I defrost it in water, it seems like a lot.
  6. neenjar
    08-18-2009 06:37 AM - permalink
    Good to hear! Just keep doing what you are doing then.
  7. Hankbetta
    08-17-2009 10:28 PM - permalink
    Yeah, so I've bee learning. Hank liked his tank mates :( Guess what?! Ollie's split fin is already starting to heal back up! I'm amazed!!
  8. neenjar
    08-17-2009 06:49 PM - permalink
    some are like that! other are fine with tank mates.
  9. Hankbetta
    08-17-2009 05:44 PM - permalink
    Oh okay. Well I tried to have a frog as his tank mate :( I guess he's just super territorial, he kept nipping at the poor little guys leg. I ended up just taking the frog back. Ollie is a big meany, lol.
  10. neenjar
    08-17-2009 03:10 PM - permalink
    Yeah you can use betta fix with the frog, It may effect his appetite a bit though. as far as keeping him calm do not do any that would cause him to flare. He wil anyway, just no extra.
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