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  1. MrVampire181
    07-23-2009 04:01 PM - permalink
    No prob. Tell me if they spawn :)
  2. Nicknac44
    07-23-2009 01:37 PM - permalink
    Ok thx alot for all your help! You've been a lfe saver!
  3. MrVampire181
    07-23-2009 12:13 PM - permalink
    Those are PERFECT! I use infusoria and brine shrimp but micros are reccomended for beginners.

    Some spawns are gentle and some really beat each other up so just watch them :)
  4. Nicknac44
    07-22-2009 10:19 PM - permalink
    I've ordered some brine shrimp eggs and some micro worms...Is that that right food or is there something diffrent that i need to feed the fry?
  5. MrVampire181
    07-22-2009 08:12 PM - permalink
    If he really damages her remove them. After the first bite she will run for her life. She will go hide from time to time. Then she will come out and show sumissiveness to the male. Then spawning usually occurs.

    BTW do you have live food?
  6. Nicknac44
    07-22-2009 06:57 PM - permalink
    Ok so he has already built a nest and i put her in there and they were fine for about 15 mins before he started fighting her. So do i need to keep trying to put her in there and see whats happens or just leave her in there no matter what?
  7. MrVampire181
    07-22-2009 05:02 PM - permalink
    It depends on the betta. My males won't build a nest unless they can chase the female. The male I've been using (to increase color and introduce new genes) has never shreded a female but wasn't building a nest unless she was in the tank. These are "too smart" males. Meaning these males know the female is not in the tank with him so they won't build a nest. "Dumb males" are different. These are inbred males (usually) who will build the nest and wait for you to release her. Then there are "lazy males" who won't build a nest but will tend the eggs and fry. These are the best fathers :)

    After spawning females must be removed. The male tends the nest and eggs (but first timers usually eat some or all). Then the fry hatch and hang tail down in the nest. At this time they feed off their yolk sac. About three days after hatching the fry become "free swimming". This means they start swimming around and stop hanging from the nest. At this time you need to remove the male.
  8. Nicknac44
    07-22-2009 03:06 PM - permalink
    Hey i saw that u breed bettas and i was wondering if u could give me a few pointers. I've been researching online about the best way to get you bettas to actually breed and not just go for each others throats and the best i found was to just keep puting the female in with the male every other day until they start fighting or actually breed. Is that ture and after they do breed do u have to move the male out so he doesnt kill all the fry or will he protect them! Sry my post is so long lol, but i dont want anything to happen to my fish!
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