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  1. dr2b
    10-11-2009 05:31 PM - permalink
    I took the cave out because it was larger than I liked for her 5 gallon tank. I posted new pics in the habitats section of the forum of how it looks now. How have you been? I never see you on much anymore.
  2. neenjar
    10-11-2009 05:29 PM - permalink
    Good to hear she is not stressed now! maybe reposition the cave so that is is dark in there ;)
  3. dr2b
    10-11-2009 09:53 AM - permalink
    Actually, a few hours after I posted this to you I took the cave out and her stress stripe left. I had to go out and buy a new one. I guess the way the light hit the cave stressed her out.
  4. neenjar
    10-11-2009 01:08 AM - permalink
    do you have caves or places for her to get away from the light?
  5. dr2b
    10-09-2009 05:22 PM - permalink
    I have a female betta who is stressed by the light being on. I can't cut the time back because I have amazon sword family plants in there, so it needs 12 hours of light. I have a 10 watt CFL bulb in currently. Is there something I can use for now that isn't as bright for her, but good for the plants? Any ideas for how to help her not be stressed by the light being on?
  6. neenjar
    08-30-2009 08:05 PM - permalink
    You should be fine then!
  7. dr2b
    08-29-2009 06:41 PM - permalink
    Okay. I usually run around 5 ppm. But Friday I tested at 10 ppm. I am assuming because I have had the one oto die in the tank (the new one I knew wasn't going to live once I got home lol), and the other almost die. I did a water change anyway just to be on the safe side.
  8. neenjar
    08-29-2009 05:10 PM - permalink
    20ppm or less is acceptable. The lower the better. Mine hover around 3ppm. The Pennywort is a nitrate hog :)
  9. dr2b
    08-28-2009 02:25 PM - permalink
    What is the maximum nitrates should be? I thought it was 20 or 25 ppm.
  10. neenjar
    08-27-2009 07:49 AM - permalink
    Maracyn should help, but not always. It may have been old age or stress from the medication.
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