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Conversation Between BakaMandy and Jupiter
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  1. BakaMandy
    10-07-2009 07:55 AM - permalink
    XD Ahaha, I STILL get excited whenever my fish blow bubble nests!

    Omg, DDDD: Yeah, I totally miss going there! And yeah xD I was a total sucker for the dinosaurs too :P I'm sadly very excited for the new Jurassic Park movie supposedly coming out soon. And the museum of science! I loved the crazy kitchen XD
  2. Jupiter
    10-05-2009 08:25 PM - permalink
    Yeah, I know what you mean. When Felix blew his first bubble nest my aunt didn't get why I was so excited, lol. :P

    It would be great if you could show me around sometime. One of my favourite places to go when I was little was that museum of nature...I haven't been there lately though. I used to be a sucker for dinosaurs.
  3. BakaMandy
    10-04-2009 08:28 PM - permalink
    ^o^ Yay! I really hope we can eventually meet :D I think it will be fun, we can talk nerd about fish! xD Everyone else I try and talk to about fish just kind of smile and nod... LOL

    Yeah, personally I think people don't like finding simple things to be interested in :P Ottawa is full of neat things if you look!
  4. Jupiter
    10-03-2009 12:09 PM - permalink
    Lol. I don't think I'll get bored in Ottawa...I was born here but then moved to Windsor when I was 4, and I've been trying to move back ever since. Windsor sucks. xD

    Thanks for the directions, and I'll see if we can meet up sometime. Might as well give it a shot, could be fun. :P
  5. BakaMandy
    10-03-2009 09:14 AM - permalink
    Aww :) I used to be shy, then working in retail ruined me =v=;;; lol

    Ahaha, I think it's kinda funny that you keep going on about how big Ottawa is :P cause everyone I know who has lived here the majority of their lives wants to get out of Ottawa because there's "nothing to do in Ottawa" xD But yeah, it is pretty big O_o; I've stayed in the east end of Ottawa almost my entire life, and in just the recent years have I strayed from there into downtown and the west end... so it's pretty crazy xD

    But yeah, if you take the 94 bus going to Millenium, right after you pass Blair station/Gloucester mall, you'll go up Blair Road and onto Innes Road. Right where Blair and Innes intersect there's a Big Als Aquarium store in the shopping district (there's a pair of lights right at the intersection, so it's not hard to miss). :) That's the easiest way to get there imo.

    Well I'm actually part Asian xD, part Vietnamese part white lol xD Ooo :P Well the Middle East is still part of Asian! xD
  6. Jupiter
    10-03-2009 01:01 AM - permalink
    Lol, I'm horrible at talking to people though. Embarrasing but true. T_T

    I didn't like the store much tbh, I just like killing time between classes. But thanks for the heads up. Though I did get two of my girls from the one in Bayshore, I didn't like how they took care of their bettas either...
    I want to check out the Big Al's place sometime, where is it?

    Are you Asian? I am...sort parents are from the middle east, lol. :P
  7. BakaMandy
    10-02-2009 10:03 PM - permalink
    :P No offense taken, my boyfriend is a bit iffy about me meeting people from online too xD; But I think it'll be neat to meet another betta nut! xD

    Yeah, I take the bus everywhere too @_@ I'm just a poor person lol, I spend all my money on fish and figurines xD *is a nerd*

    Oh, whatever you do ): Don't get any fish at the St.Laurent mall fish store... they are HORRIBLE at taking care of their fish... So unless you're in for a rescue, I wouldn't recommend shopping there >.<;;

    Although I work at the St.Laurent mall :P at Toys'R'Us lol So if sometime you just wanna stop by and say 'hi' ^o^ I usually work the mornings. Look for a weird short brown haired asiany looking person and it's probably me :P I'm not creepy! xD
  8. Jupiter
    10-02-2009 12:56 PM - permalink
    Lol! I want to as well, but it seems there are so many...
    Let's see...I've been to two different Petsmarts on Merivale, the one close to St. Laurent...and then I've been to the pet stores in Bayshore and St. Laurent.

    This place is so big though! Lol. In Windsor we had 2 Petsmarts, pretty close to each other too. :P

    We could meet up, though I'm not really 100% comfortable meeting up with people I know offence! I take the bus everywhere, I don't know about you. I just go on the OC transpo page and try to find out how to get there from the Rideau Centre. xD
  9. BakaMandy
    10-02-2009 11:05 AM - permalink
    Ahaha, xD I've hit almost every pet store selling fish supplies in East part of Ottawa xD I'm pretty pathetic lol.

    Yeah, Petcetera used to have a bunch of locations in Ottawa (I think Petcetera is only a Canadian store), but closed down a bunch of stores. They're generally okay, not a lot of selection though...

    Big Als is good for fish tanks, there's a 10g kit for like $50 I really want to pick up! They sometimes carry fancy bettas but mostly veil tails though. They also don't take very good care of their bettas, but they have a shark tank there o-o it's really neat to visit. I've only been to their east location, but apparently they have one in the west part of Ottawa too.

    There's also a really nice Petsmart I recommend in comparison to other Petsmarts in the area. It used to be a Super Pet that takes SUPERB care of their betta fish, and they had a huge selection last time I visited.

    If you ever have time off, we could try and meet up and I could show you how to get there lol :P
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